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Status Ongoing
First iteration 15-17 July, 2011
Organizer(s) ScotiaCon UK Ltd.
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Scotiacon resources
Scotiacon (edit)
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Scotiacon staff
Scotiacon guests of honour
Scotiacon's original logo featuring Wallace.
An alternative logo for the original Scotiacon

Scotiacon (pronounced "Sko-sha-con"; previously ScotiaCon) is a UK furry convention, the first to be held in Scotland.


Scotiacon was originally planned to be held around Easter 2010.[1] with ThrashWolf as chairman, Ixis as co-chair, Zenon as treasurer and Kanibal responsible for the website development.[1] It was to be held at the Ramada Jarvis hotel, Inverness, with three ticket types - the basic attendee "MacRegular" for £55 and two enhanced options - the "MacPremium" priced at £65, and the "MacSponsor" priced at £99.[2] The convention was put on hold however when Thrashwolf left for personal reasons.

In July 2010, Scotiacon was relaunched under new management, with Smirnoff and Black Wolf as co-chairmen. The website went live in July 2010, and announced the new date of the convention as July 15-17, 2011, to be held at the Ramada Jarvis hotel in Inverness (now known as the Mercure Inverness).[3][4]

In 2014, prompted by the need for more convention space, Scotiacon relocated to the Mercure Hotel in Livingston. In 2022, Scotiacon again relocated to the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow.


Scotiacon's mascot is Wallace, a Scottish terrier named after national hero William Wallace.[1]


ScotiaCon UK Ltd. is registered as a private company limited by guarantee, no. 07290014 (inc. June 21, 2010).[5]


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