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Kemoket logo 2015-01.png
Ōta-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Status Ongoing
First iteration May 3, 2012
Organizer(s) Gallone (がろーね)/Executive Committee of Kemoket
Subject Book fair event
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Kemoket resources

Kemoket (けもケット Kemoketto?) is a kemono themed Japanese dōjinshi fair, and virtually the largest Kemono event in Japan, held twice a year in Kanto Region and Kansai Region, Japan. The first Kemoket was held on May 3, 2012. The main organizer is Gallone (がろーね).

Transition of the number of circles of Kemoket[edit]

All data are based on the official announcement. The number of "Circles" means that of dealers and not of attendees (which has never been gathered).

Name yyyy/mm//dd Num. of Cir. Location
Kemoket 1 2012/5/3 134 Watshou Kaikan (Cotton Trade Center) 1/4/5/6F
Kansai Kemoket 1 2012/9/16 114 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall D
Kemoket 2 2013/5/4 210 Tokyo Metropol. Indust. Trade Center (Hamamatsuchou) 4F
Kansai Kemoket 2 2013/10/13 219 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall E/F
Kemoket 3 2014/4/29 259 Tokyo Metropol. Indust. Trade Center (Hamamatsuchou) 3/4F
Kansai Kemoket 3 2014/10/13 278 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C
Shinshun Kemoket 1 2015/1/18 124 Tokyo Wholesaler Center 3F
Kemoket 4 2015/5/4 372 Yokohama Oosanbashi Hall
Kansai Kemoket 4 2015/10/11 300 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C
Shinshun Kemoket 2 2016/1/17 172 Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 5 2016/5/3 438 Yokohama Oosanbashi Hall
Kansai Kemoket 5 2016/10/9 402 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C/D
Shinshun Kemoket 3 2017/1/28 194 Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 6 2017/5/6 604 Tokyo Trade Center (TRC) A/B/C/D
Kansai Kemoket 6 2017/10/8 470 Kōbe Convention Center
Kemoket 7 (Cancelled) - - -
Kansai Kemoket 7 2018/9/23 500[1] Kyocera Dome Osaka SKY Hall[2]
Shinshun Kemoket 4 2019/1/27 170[3] Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 8 2019/4/29  ? Tokyo Trade Center (TRC) A/B/C/D
Kansai Kemoket 8 2019/9/22 570[4] Kyocera Dome Osaka SKY Hall[5]
Shinshun Kemoket 5 2020/1/26 170[6] Kawaguchi Frendia[7]


On April 19, 2016, Japanese conservative fan Yuuken SS (ユウケンSS, Thunder Yuuki) circulated a rumor on Twitter that Chinese and Korean people were looting Kumamoto following the April 14, 2016 earthquake,[citation needed] and appealed to people to establish vigilantes parties with hunting guns.[citation needed] He was going to participate Kemoket as the representative of his Pokemon doujinshi group, 携帯獣愛護会.[8]

On April 22, 2016, he apologized for his claim, alleging that he was under the delusion that left-wing anti-racists (called "Counter" or "Shibaki-Tai" in Japanese) would assault him at Kemoket,[citation needed] appealing for help on Twitter [citation needed] while consulting the police.[8]

On April 25, 2016, he appealed to other like minded people, like Japanese mangaka Toshiko Hasumi (a known conservative manga artist and comfort women denier),[citation needed] to support him and Kemoket from an attack of Japanese counters, which resulted on the rumor of anti-racists assault not only would take action against Yuuken SS, but also other participants as well.[9]

On April 27, 2016, Kemoket banned Yuuken SS from the event.[10] On 3 May, Kemoket 5 was held without disruption.

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