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This article lists upcoming and recently past online furry conventions within 2024.

Upcoming conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
CouchCon June 28-30, 2024 Online Livestream, Discord
Sixth iteration of CouchCon.
Weekend Furry Retreat August 9-11, 2024[1] Online Livestream
Third iteration of WFR. Livestreamed panels, art, games, stories, and music.
Digital Villainy Summit August 29-September 1, 2024 Online Livestream
Sixth iteration of Digital Villainy Summit. Panels, workshops, DJ sets, games, and art streams.
CozyCon Online September 20-22, 2024[2] Online Livestream/Twitch, VRChat, Discord, Minecraft
Ninth iteration of CozyCon Online. The theme is "CozyCon Cretaceous."[3] Vendors, panels, DJ's, and events.

Past conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
VR Japan Meeting of Furries January 5-7, 2024[4] Japan VRChat, Resonite
JMoF's fifth iteration of their online convention.
Little Island Furcon Online January 20, 2024[5] Singapore Discord, VRChat, Twitch
Fourth online iteration of LIFC. Theme is "To the Skies!". Featuring a Dealer’s Den, panels, VRChat, online multiplayer games, art streams, competitions, and mukbang.
The Energetic Convention (T.E.C.) April 12-14, 2024 Online Discord, VRChat, Minecraft
Games and events in VRChat, Minecraft, and Discord.
Furality Online Xperience June 6-9, 2024 Online VRChat
Seventh iteration of Furality Online Xperience.


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