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Furry Retreat
Status Ongoing
First iteration October 23-25, 2015
Organizer(s) Furry Retreat Organizing Committee Team
Subject Outdoor Furry Camping

Furry Retreat is an annual camp-out event, originally held at Knight's Rest Retreat in Bristow, Oklahoma, USA. It was first held over October 23-25, 2015. The event was created by several former Oklacon volunteers and attendees, in response to said convention's cancellation. The convention relocated to Robbers Cave State Park in 2022.

Furry Retreat (edit)
Furry Retreat 2015
Furry Retreat 2016
Furry Retreat 2017
Furry Retreat 2018
Furry Retreat 2019
Furry Retreat 2020
Furry Retreat 2021
Furry Retreat 2022

Furry Retreat staff
Furry Retreat guests of honor


Furry Retreat is an event, rather than a convention. There are no accommodations, apart from space to set up a tent, nor any scheduled events or panels. With a small core of staff, most of the event comes to life through those who attend, creating a commune like environment.

There are no event spaces at Knight's Rest, nor is electricity available. As such, events were frequently spur of the moment affairs such as "let's go fishing" and "the gaming tent." Despite this, events such as a 45 minute rave have been held, thanks to a solar panel and battery, and lighting provided by a gas generator, a fireworks show was put on, and a group was able to head to a fire range for an afternoon of target practice.

As of 2022, electricity is available through RV hookups at the new Robbers Cave State Park venue.


The mascots for Furry Retreat are a red dragon named Steve and a number of sheep corresponding to the year of the convention.



Furry Retreat 2015 took place over October 23-25, 2015. Organized in less than a month, it had an attendance of approximately 50.[1]

The official event director for the inaugural year of Furry Retreat was a sheep who "gave his all to make the event happen."[citation needed] This sheep was served for dinner Saturday night.[citation needed]

All of the first year's revenue went towards the event's charity, Knight's Rest Retreat.


Furry Retreat 2016

Furry Retreat 2016 was held on September 16-18.[2] This was the first year a registration fee was charged, beyond the fee for using the campsite. The attendance was approximately 32.

The unofficial theme for 2016 was "Attack of the Nopes", decided at the event, in response to the number of insects present in the warmer month.


Furry Retreat 2017 took place from October 20-22.[3] This was the first year to have hot showers. Attendance was 38.


Furry Retreat 2018

Furry Retreat 2018 took place October 19-21.[4] Events included pumpkin-carving, piñata, fishing, shooting and a charity auction.[5]


Furry Retreat 2022 took place October 27-31.[6]


Furry Retreat 2023 took place September 28-October 2.


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