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SillyCon 2017 mascot (Koul Fardreamer)

SillyCon (Russian: ТупиКон; literally you-be-foolish/stupid con) is a furry convention founded in 2014 as a summer getaway, and hosted since at least 2016 at the "Aleksino-Istra" resort complex in Aleksino, north-east of Istra, Moscow Oblast, Russia.

SillyCon is something of a relaxacon; it is one letter away from stupor-con. The venue is in the countryside, with a large pond and small farm with trees nearby; there is a grill,[1] disco[2][3] a balloon party,[4] and a sauna with a pool.[5][6] Food and drinks are all-inclusive,[7] while a bus is provided (for an additional price) to and from Moscow.[8] The event is adults-only (notwithstanding day visits by small children under careful watch),[9][10] and is chaired by Taffka and Llanowar (Llanowar Egnerion).[11]

SillyCon's website favicon is , possibly thanks to similar pronunciation (too-pi), which also happens to be the proposed constant tau (i.e. taur).


SillyCon 2014 took place September 20-22, the Friday being an optional early-arrival evening with no events; it was possible to stay in your own tent for one third the residential price.[12][13] Only snacks and a barbecue dinner were provided; horse-riding was also a sign-up option.[14] Llanowar (Ллан) and Taffka were staff for this instance. There were around 40 attendees.[9][15][16]


SillyCon 2015 took place over September 18-20.[17][18] There was a Nerf skirmish.[19] There were 36 attendees.[9][20]


SillyCon 2016 (also referred to as Autumn SillyCon or SillyCon 3.0[21]) took place September 23-25 at the "Aleksino-Istra".[22] Scheduled events included furry and non-furry board games, another Nerf skirmish, a treasure hunt,[23] live concert from guest musicians, a disco, and an offline Pokemon hunt.[4] Llanowar and Taffka were staff for this instance.[24] There were 64 attendees.[9][25]


SillyCon 2017 took place September 15-17.[26] The theme was "Laughing Sawmill"[27] and the mascot (originally identified as a dumpling/Пельмень during its creation) was a hyena.[28] This was the fourth instance of SillyCon.[7] Delayed payments occurred, causing the con to have to reconsider its lodgings;[29] this would lead to a policy of late payments in future years. The BBQ, concert, disco, Nerf battle took place, as well as a LARP game, and a fire show.[9] There were 76 attendees.[9]


SillyCon 2018 deer mascot (Kellwolfik)

SillyCon 2018 took place September 7-9.[30] The theme was "Cosmic Stupidity", and the year's mascot was a deer (for whom it was seen as "not fair" that it could not go into space because of the horns).[31] Many artists created work along this theme, some of which was printed as posters displayed at the convention; the official T-shirt artist was ANGO76.[32]

This year saw expansion, with three medium and one small cottages booked for sleeping, as well as the main venue. Most were double rooms, although it was possible to sleep three or four in some. LEGO-based name badges were used.[33] Donations were possible, the higher levels leading to the ability to name a room, and to set a password on it so that only knows who knew it could select to join that room.[34]

According to a post on August 8, registration closed with over 100 signed up;[35] in the end there were 127 attendees, including guests.[9][36]



SillyCon 2019 has a nautical, pirate theme

SillyCon 2019 is scheduled for September 13-15. Despite having ~144 spots in total, in four separate cottages as well as the main venue, the event unexpectedly sold out in a matter of hours.[37] The event has two mascots; an opossum and a bat. As of mid-May there are 122 confirmed attendees,[9] with 163 registered as possible, including guests.[38]


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