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Wild Nights (edit)
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Wild Nights is a furry convention that has been held annually in Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton, Oklahoma, U.S.A since 2009. Wild Nights is a predominantly outdoor camping event. It was first held from April 23 to April 27, 2009.


The planning for Wild Nights was started in response to the dissolution of OAAA, the organizing body that produced Oklacon prior to 2009. A small number of attendees felt that though no nominations were made to continue that body, that they preferred to continue to be part of a 501(c)(7) membership-based body.[1] Using the charter and bylaws of OAAA as a template[2][3][4], they organized Wild Nights in the same spirit as Oklacon, with the same outdoor format, many of the same events, and with the same charity selected to benefit from the convention's operations. Ultimately, they chose to operate the convention in the same state as Oklacon as well in a different state park. This is sometimes confusing to locals, as these two events are not coordinated together in any way and have many duplicative offerings.

Events and services[edit]

Wild Nights is a furry camp complete with outdoor games such as swimming, a "Predator & Prey" type game, basketball, and a variety show. It also features a handful of events suitable for fursuiters.[5] Lodging consists of cabins holding up to 12 to 32 attendees at a time in one big room. There are other lodging options for those that want extra privacy, but they are not included in the registration prices.

Registration includes three membership levels: a $40 basic membership, which includes lodging and 6-8 free meals; an $80 sponsorship, which adds a free t-shirt and a free print from the guest of honor; and a $160 super sponsorship, which adds a free gourmet meal, a free custom badge from the guest of honor, preferred seating at performance events, refrigerator space, and half-price concessions. Registration at the door will be $60.[6]

Past Wild Nights[edit]

  • The first Wild Nights in 2009 had 49 registered attendees.[7]
  • At its second iteration, on April 22, 2010[8], Wild Nights had 99 attendees who preregistered, and 127 total attendees.[9]
  • In 2011 Wild Nights had 126 attendees who preregistered, and 161 total attendees.[10]
  • In 2012 Wild Nights had 106 attendees who preregistered, and 155 total attendees.[11]
  • In 2013 Wild Nights had 172 attendees who preregistered, and 200 total attendees.[12]
  • In 2014 Wild Nights had 176 attendees who preregistered, and 222 total attendees.[13]
  • In 2015 Wild Nights had 167 attendees who preregistered, and 231 total attendees.[14]
  • In 2016 Wild Nights had 174 attendees who preregistered, and 228 total attendees.[15]
  • In 2017 Wild Nights had 194 attendees who preregistered, and 252 total attendees.[16]
  • In 2018 Wild Nights had 198 attendees who preregistered, and 275 total attendees.[17]


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