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Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering
Other names Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering
Status Ongoing
First iteration December 2, 2023
Organizer(s) IWAG Team
Subject Convention

Indonesia Weekend Anthro Gathering (IWAG) is a furry convention based in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2023. IWAG formerly known as IWFM (Indonesia Winter Furmeet), a yearly furmeet during winter season since 2017.


The mascots for the convention are Kiki the dragon and Tama the fox.


The first iteration was held at the PIC Creative Space South Jakarta December 2, 2023 with a theme of "Homecoming".

The event almost near a full-scale convention, but there's no guest of honor and dealers den, but instead panelists and talent perfomances.

By the time the convention had ended, the event has 140 attendees, 9 as volunteers, and 55 as fursuiters.

IWAG 2023 Homecoming Poster drawn by REORENADE and Russelldafox
IWAG 2024 Summer Furcation drawn by REORENADE, Russelldafox, and AuroZephyr


The second IWAG will be held at ibis Styles Jakarta Sunter July 13-14, 2024 with a theme of "Summer Furcation".

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