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Furry Migration
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Status Ongoing
First iteration September 14, 2013
Organizer(s) Minnesota Furs
Subject Convention
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furry Migration resources

Furry Migration (edit)
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Furry Migration is a furry convention which takes places in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. It first occured over September 12-14, 2014, and "is an event outreach of Minnesota Furs (MNFurs), a nonprofit organization created in 2012."[1]


Year Dates Location Theme GoH Attendance Fursuiters Conchair
2013 September 14-15 Ramada Minneapolis Airport hotel (Bloomington, MN) "Graduating to a real con" Kellic
2014 September 12-14 Ramada Minneapolis Airport hotel (Bloomington, MN) Furry Migration Kyell Gold, Sofawolf Press, Foxfeather 543 115 Kellic
2015 August 28-30 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Back To Migration Reed Waller, Vantid, and Ken Fletcher 701 188 Kellic
2016 September 9-11 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis The Quest For Shiny Ursula Vernon, Ifus Moraine, and Sunny Dingo 876 176 Kellic
2017 August 25-27 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Heroes Dividied Karen Swartz (Talenshi), Malcolm Ray, The Furry Writers Guild 929 201 Kurst
2018 September 7-9 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Midway Menagerie Rick Griffin, and TaniDaReal 1107 261 Kurst
2019 September 6-8 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis The Championship Tracy Reynolds, and Brian Reynolds 1146 248 Kurst
2020 December 31 Live Video Stream, Discord & VRChat Cyberpunk 526 N/A Legonnare & Vulan
2021 September 10-12 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Road Trip Curlworks & Doctor Wildlife 1132 252 Legonnare & Vulan
2022 September 9-11 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Galatic Grand Prix Theroguez 1559 351 Legonnare & Vulan
2023 September 8-10 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Disco Fantasy Gale Frostbane & Pocketwolf 1789 430 Kellic
2024 September 6-8 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Lost in Time SaberSpark TBA TBA Kellic


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