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Status Ongoing
First iteration 9-11 March, 2012
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: VancouFur resources
VancouFur (edit)
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"Vancoufur" redirects here. The term may also be used to refer to any furry living within the Metro Vancouver region.

VancouFur is a furry convention held annually at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, in Surrey, British Columbia.[1]. It is the first furry convention to be held on Canada's west coast. After the success of the first convention, the BC Anthropomorphic Events Association was founded and is now the parent organization of VancouFur.

The first VancouFur 2012 took place between March 9–11, 2012, although the convention had been in planning since the Spring of 2011. The event was chaired by Coal Silvermuzzle and co-chaired by Aphinity. Thanks to Vancouver's large and diverse Furry community, many of the founding staff of VancouFur had connections to other major events. Two of the most notable were Aphinity, known for his dedication to Howloween; and Trapa, who helped found Califur and Rainfurrest.

Starting in 2016, it was held at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia.[2]. In 2019 it moved briefly to the Sheraton Vancouver Richmond Hotel for one year, before moving to its current location at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, in Surrey, British Columbia.

Community Spotlight[edit]

VancouFur's Community Spotlight, first appearing in 2013, highlights local talent from the British Columbia, Alberta and Northern Washington furry community.


VancouFur has very close ties to Howloween. During the initial concept phase of VancouFur 2012, it was decided that Aphinity — organizer of Howloween since 2008 — should be an integral part of bringing a full-fledged convention to Vancouver, and he was named co-chair. The Executive Suites, home of VancouFur, also became home to Howloween in 2011, acting as a sort of dress rehearsal for the convention. Howloween offers pre-registration at the door for the following year's VancouFur.


Convention year Attendance Percentage change Fursuiters in fursuit parade Percentage change
VancouFur 2012 347 - 73 -
VancouFur 2013 483 39.2% 78 6.8%
VancouFur 2014 602 24.7% 123 57.7%
VancouFur 2015 724 20.3% 141 14.6%
VancouFur 2016 810 11.9% 171 21.3%
VancouFur 2017 941 16.2% 205 19.9%
VancouFur 2018 1012 7.5% 186 -9.3%
VancouFur 2019 1121 10.8% 204 9.7%
VancouFur 2020 1211 8.0% 231 13.2%
VancouFur 2022 1019 (898**) -15.9% 238 +3.0%
VancouFur 2023 1528 +39.97% 323 +35.7%
VancouFur 2024 1955 +27.9% 483 +49.5%

(**) Virtual Attendees


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