Alamo City Furry Invasion

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Alamo City Furry Invasion
Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017 flier

Alamo City Furry Invasion (ACFI) is a proposed annual furry convention to be first held in San Antonio, Texas on October 7-8, 2017 at the San Antonio Mariott Northwest.

The goal of this convention is to engage members of the community both furry and non, in a fun atmosphere, with activities and educational events for all ages. The theme is "The Furry Furry West".

Organization and funding[edit]

The San Antonio Furries Convention Committee (SAFCC) was formed as an governing organization in the last quarter of 2016, but has been operating since February 2016. Officers were elected, by-laws were documented, and it became a legal entity.

The event is owned (and thus paid for) by A+ King Services & Entertainment, LLC doing business as Alamo City Furry Invasion, allowing it to negotiate contracts and apply for all licenses and certificates needed to run the event, while the convention is operated by the San Antonio Furries Conventions Committee. Start-up costs are being provided by A+ through out-of-pocket expense and small fundraising efforts within the furry community.

The stated goal of this arrangement is to be able to obtain a larger venue, and to pay for operational costs prior to pre-registration or additional fundraising efforts.

Executive staff[edit]

  • Adam King (Drummer) - Acting Convention Chairman, Treasurer, and lead of advertising/media. Has a degree and background in business administration.
  • Louis Broome (Aromorclad Coyote) - Acting Vice Chair, performs operations research. Has experience in volunteering at conventions.
  • Timothy Nichols (Shade) - Acting Secretary. In charge of meeting agendas and notes, and drafts policies and regulations.
  • Chase Squires (Tekrin) - Acting Webmaster/IT Resource Manager. In charge of managing and maintaining the website, and acting lead of convention security.
  • Lyle Curtin (Terrence Mirrikh) - Human Relations officer, with "years of experience in HR and conflict resolution."
  • Chris Grossenbacher (Maxus) - lead DJ and chief of A/V team, with "years of experience in audio/visual entertainment, clubbing, and parties."


Although legally operating as a for-profit business, Furry Invasion has chosen two charities within the local community to support:

  • Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is a Texas-based nonprofit organization working “to prevent the suffering and death of cats and dogs due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas.”
  • Pay it Forward is an organization in San Antonio working to help prevent homelessness while promoting a clean and sober lifestyle.

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