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Fur-B-Q's flyer with Dume. Art by Jonas.
There is also a BC FurBQ.

The FurBQ, also known as the SoCal FurBQ, is one of the largest informal, annual gathering of furs in the SoCalFurs region. It's basically a huge potluck picnic, held at the Irvine Regional Park, in Orange County, California, U.S.A.


The annual FurBQ started in 1998, when Loran Skunky and Dark Fox went to a picnic with several other furs earlier in the year. With everyone there at the time the 2 found that it was nice "getting away from the PC and hang out with friends" that an idea to have one during the summer came up.

Loran Skunky was quick to post the plan to the then little Mailing List about having a BBQ and asked people to RSVP for the event. The location came to an apartment complex that a fur was living in that contained quite a picnic area, including a pool and clubhouse. Little did the organizers realize more than anticipated were going to show up. It was discovered that word was placed on a larger list and a good 40+ furs showed up. This unforeseen problem caused quite a stir for the fur whom was living at the complex, and the organizers took some heat from the other tenants as well as the manager several days after.

The result was a really cool shindig involving food, a pool, food, lots of music, video games, food, lots of talking and food... including some cheap Vons sushi. After the success of the 1st real FurBQ, Dark Fox and Loran Skunky realized that if this was going to happen again next year more space would be needed.

The following year, the official name of the event became "The FurBQ". Both Loran Skunky and Dark Fox were seen as the organizers of the event and used the list to help them gather better data on how many people would show up and where the event could be to hold so many. The 2 then spent over 4 months before deciding on Irvine Regional Park.

The first year of it being held there involved a very large, horizontal tree which was used by many (including Shadarack) to display their skills of balance and coordination. Henceforth, one inexplicable event which always has happened since then is a "kitty in a tree"... whether it be to hang out or retrieve some kinda Nerf.. thing...

It continues today at the same location and is held in the May months, just before Califur. The specific date per year changes, as per discussion and a yearly poll on the Mailing List. The attendees for the FurBQ are in excess of 100+ furs, second only to ConFurence and Califur, and have furs come from as far as Britain to attend!

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