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Status Ongoing
First iteration February 2021
Organizer(s) Furros del Norte
Subject Convention
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Furnexion resources

Furnexion is a new furry convention which will take place in Monterrey , Nuevo León, México, the first edition was originally planned for March 2020 but due the Covid-19 pandemic was postponed until February 2021. It is organized by Furros del Norte.


The first antecedents of this convention dated in October 2018 with the realization of local furmeet whit halloween theme in Monterrey , at the same time,the organization team created the group named "Furros del norte", the objective of this group is bring together the furry community mainly of the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.

During the year 2019, the group was announcing his intentions to create a new convention, they were promoting themselves even with the presentation of a panel in Confuror, the main furry convention in México. in the middle of the year, they announcement of a new convention called "Furnexion".


The convention was officially announcement in July 2019, the original dates of the first edition would be 27 to 29 march, 2020 and It will take place at the Istay Hotel located in the downtown of Monterrey [1]. The first announcements of this convention caused a small polemic inside the Mexican furry community for the content of the registration packages, and the "privileges" inside deluxe package as direct contact with the Staff members, leaving out the other registration levels for feedbacks, all errors were corrected in subsequent announcements.

The first guests of honor announced was the fursuiter Splat Fennec and her wife, the pilot Omnom Nomnomnom [2]. , followed by multiple national artists like Gab Shiba, Magolobo, Noirekat, Rachel Natty among others.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, initially this edition was postponed for 28 to 30 August[3], however a few months later seeing that the situation was not improving, this edition was until the weekend of February 26-28, 2021[4], finally as the situation did not improve, the convention was postponed again for the third time to December 10-12, 2021[5].


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