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Megaplex Logo.jpg
Megaplex logo
Other names Pawpet Megaplex (2002-2003)
Status Ongoing
First iteration 8-10 March 2002
Organizer(s) Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charity (Previously Pawpet Live Experiences, Inc.)
Charity Changes yearly
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Megaplex resources

Megaplex is a furry convention first held in March 2002 as Pawpet Megaplex. The latest edition, Megaplex 2022, was held August 5-7, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The convention's slogan is Florida Sun, Furry Fun.

Megaplex's stated goal is to provide "a celebration of interactive arts and performance, with a primary focus on anthropomorphics and fantasy".[1] Programming has focused on fursuiting, puppetry, improvisation, and other types of performance.

Megaplex has featured musical performances by Toxic Audio, 4:2:Five, Matthew Ebel, Fox Amoore and Rhubarb the Bear, stage performances including musicals Julie Bunny Must Die! and Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer, and out-of-fandom honored guests including Trace Beaulieu, Paul Zaloom and Noel MacNeal.

A variety of factors[2][3] had caused Megaplex's attendance to fluctuate in its first decade, though it has been steadily increasing since 2010. The 2023 event had 5,189 attendees, the highest to date.

Early History[edit]

Megaplex (edit)
Pawpet Megaplex 1 (2002)
Pawpet Megaplex 2 (2003)
Megaplex 3 (2004)
Megaplex 4 (2005)
Megaplex 5 (2006)
Megaplex 6 (2007)
Megaplex 7 (2008)
Megaplex 8 (2009)
Megaplex 9 (2010)
Megaplex 10 (2011)
Megaplex XI (2012)
Megaplex XII (2013)
Megaplex XIII (2014)
Megaplex XIV (2015)
Megaplex XV (2016)
Megaplex XVI (2017)
Megaplex XVII (2018)
Megaplex XVIII (2019)
Megaplex 2020 (Online (18.5))
Megaplex 2021 (19)
Megaplex 2022 (20)
Megaplex 2023 (21)
Megaplex 2024 (22)

Megaplex staff
Megaplex guests of honor

Pawpet Megaplex came into being as a replacement for Furry Spring Break, which was held in 2001. Furry Spring Break was unable to secure hotel space for a second convention in 2002, and folded. In its stead, Pawpet Live Experiences, Inc. was formed and on short notice held the first Pawpet Megaplex at the Ramada Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The convention supported the animal rescue C.A.R.E. Foundation, featuring a live animal presentation. The convention continued to support the same charity until 2023.

The convention moved to the movie-themed Sheraton Studio City Resort for its second and third years, closer to Universal Studios Florida. In 2003 the convention had its first guest of honor, Susan Rankin, and first of many musical guests, a capella group Toxic Audio. In 2004 Megaplex officially dropped the "Pawpet" from the name. Megaplex 3 was the first year to make heavy use of the convention theme ("MP3", derived from the abbreviation of the convention name) with posters and hallway decor.

The convention upgraded to larger quarters at the Sheraton World Resort, right next door to the SeaWorld Orlando theme park, from 2005 to 2006, continuing to introduce new traditions such as a Saturday Night "Rocky Horror Picture Show" viewing complete with staff members as cast members.

The Jacksonville Years[edit]

Due to rising hotel costs in Orlando, Megaplex was forced to move in 2007 and chose the Wyndham Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida where they remained through 2008. During this time Megaplex saw a drop in attendance which was expected due to the move.

The Return to Orlando[edit]

Returning to the Orlando area, Megaplex was held at the Worldgate Resort in Kissimmee, Florida from 2009 to 2012, a short distance from Walt Disney World's main gate. The convention was rescheduled from March to late July to achieve better costs and hotel rates, and to help space the event out from the growing FWA. The con expanded its meeting space to include a larger Dealer's Den, an Artist Alley, and lounge area dubbed "The Lair."

From 2013 to 2015 Megaplex returned to Orlando proper and expanded into larger meeting space at the Marriott Orlando Airport hotel. The convention has increased its focus on quality main events and immersive theming. At the end of Megaplex XIV it was announced that the convention would be moving in 2016 to the Embassy Suites - Lake Buena Vista South in Kissimmee to accommodate the convention's growth.

After only 1 year Megaplex had outgrown the Embassy Suites - Lake Buena Vista South and at closing ceremonies of Megaplex XV announced that it would be moving to the Seaworld DoubleTree in Orlando, FL for Megaplex XVI. Megaplex had previously been held at this property for Megaplex 4 and Megaplex 5 when it was the Sheraton World Resort.

Megaplex remained at the Seaworld DoubleTree in Orlando, FL for Megaplex XVI and Megaplex XVII. While the new space was completed for use during the second year Megaplex's growth made it difficult to hold a 3rd year at this venue. It was announced at the end of Megaplex XVII that Megaplex would be moving to the Caribe Royale in Orlando, FL.

In 2023, Megaplex moved to the Hyatt Regency on International Drive, Orlando FL. That year, a change in state law precipitated the convention becoming an 18+ event. [4]

Going Nonprofit[edit]

It was announced that Megaplex would be seeking 501(c)(3) status under the newly setup corporation Florida United Furry Fandom Inc. (FLUFF Inc.) at the end of closing ceremonies of Megaplex XVII. The new corporation was setup and all assets were transferred to the new Florida Nonprofit corporation. On May 18th, 2019 FLUFF Inc. received notice from the IRS that their 501(c)(3) status was approved.


Megaplex has introduced many ideas to augment the convention's programming and atmosphere:

  • Pre-registered attendees can provide a personal avatar to appear on their convention badge.
  • Megaplex was the first furry convention to introduce a convention fursuit mascot, Pounce the Panther, in 2008.
  • Starting in 2012, Megaplex has created a commemorative poster celebrating each year's convention. One copy of the poster is offered for sale at the convention's charity auction.
  • Collectible glassware was given to all attendees until 2019. A themed collectable item is still given to all attendees.[5]
  • Megaplex offers high dollar member levels above Silver Sponsors, Gold Sponsor and Platinum Sponsor. Both receive all the perks of a Silver Sponsor level, plus special unique gifts each year such as engraved pocketwatches.
  • Game show concepts have been introduced such as "Fursuit Deal or Big Deal," partly mirroring Deal or No Deal, with fursuiters instead of models.
  • The convention's main events have been streamed live online since 2005.
  • An exclusive hospitality lounge with hot meals is provided to Silver Sponsor and higher level attendees. Due to new venue policies, hot foods have been substituted to pre-packaged foods.
  • The convention has donated "con badge number 1" for the following year in the charity auction since 2010. This badge number is usually reserved for convention chairman. The auctioning of badge number 1 raised over $300 for charity in 2010.
  • Hall prizes called "Achievements" are awarded to attendees who accomplish them at any point during the convention. Most achievements are typically kept secret until the time they are rewarded.
  • Megaplex archives all of its past con books, artwork, badge imagery, photos and videos on-line, available for all individuals to view on its web site.

Staff and organization[edit]

Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. (FLUFF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation [6]. FLUFF was preceded by Pawpet Live Experiences, Inc. (PLEx), a class C for-profit corporation which operated out of the State of Florida. PLEx, Inc. was incorporated in January 2002, a mere two months before putting on Pawpet Megaplex 1, and went the faster route of incorporating under the less stringent for-profit statutes.

On January 9th, 2022, it was announced that three FLUFF Inc. board members would depart, including chairman "Scooby", and president Yappy Slyfox.[7]

FLUFF, Inc.'s current president is Christopher “Blitz” Darling (also the chairman of Megaplex), and the secretary is Daniel “Nyghtpanthyr” Deschand.

As of 2024 the Board members are:[8]

A listing of Megaplex staff and their roles, including former staff members, is available on the convention's website[9] and archives.[10]


Megaplex's mascot is Pounce the Panther, a Florida panther (an endangered subspecies of cougar).[11] Pounce was introduced as the Megaplex fursuit mascot, in 2008 at Megaplex 7, as Megapanther to match the comic book theme of that year's Megaplex. Pounce is seen at Megaplex in a costume that matches that year's theme.


Mexaplex's charity from 2002-2023 was The CARE Foundation.

In May of 2023, Megaplex announced via Twitter that the CARE Foundation had obtained a baby African serval named Pounce, after Megaplex's mascot, and that the animal would be "raised specifically to bring to the convention and other educational outings."[12] Some furries questioned the ethics of this choice, particularly in regards to a captive-bred wild animal being purchased by CARE[13] as opposed to a rescue[14]. This prompted further investigation into the credibility of CARE as an organization, with many furries calling for Megaplex to reconsider supporting CARE.[15][16][17] In response, Megaplex announced the end of their relationship with CARE, selection of a new animal welfare focused charity, and that the charity would change each year going forward.[18]

On July 25, 2023 Megaplex announced their 2023 charity to be The Street Dog Coalition on Twitter.[19]


Title Dates Theme Venue Location Guests of Honor Guest Performers Attendance Parade count (day/night parades) Charity Amount Notes
Pawpet Megaplex 8-10 March 2002 N/A Ramada Resort and Convention Center Orlando, FL N/A N/A 126  ? $1,378.49 Replaced Furry Spring Break
Pawpet Megaplex 2 21-23 March 2003 Hollywood Sheraton Studio City Resort Orlando, FL Susan Rankin Toxic Audio 197  ?  ?
Megaplex 3 19-21 March 2004 "MP3" Sheraton Studio City Resort Orlando, FL Trace Beaulieu Toxic Audio 357 23 $2,500+
Megaplex 4 11-16 March 2005 Road Trip Sheraton World Resort Orlando, FL John Kennedy Orlando's Potpourri of Puppets 387 32 $2,210
Megaplex 5 17-19 March 2006 ...Teh Horror! Sheraton World Resort Orlando, FL Brian Reynolds 4:2:Five 257 41 $3,100.40
Megaplex 6 2-4 March 2007 Game Shows Wyndham Jacksonville Riverfront Jacksonville, FL Mike Kazaleh  ? 185 31 $2,825
Megaplex 7 28-30 March 2008 Comic Books: Heroes & Villains Wyndham Jacksonville Riverfront Jacksonville, FL Adam Wan Matthew Ebel 255 45 $1,185
Megaplex 8 24-26 July, 2009 Toyland / Christmas in July Radisson Worldgate Resort Kissimmee, FL BigBlueFox Matthew Ebel 425 80 $1,500
Megaplex 9 23-25 July, 2010 Mad Science Radisson Worldgate Resort Kissimmee, FL Paul Zaloom Matthew Ebel 410 81 $2,928
Megaplex 10 29-31 July, 2011 Retro Arcade Worldgate Resort Kissimmee, FL Chad Krueger Matthew Ebel 553 86 / 64 $1,368 Hotel name change
Megaplex XI 27-29 July, 2012 Steampunk: Turn Back The Gears Worldgate Resort Kissimmee, FL Noel MacNeal; Ron “Dreamfinder” Schneider Julie Bunny Must Die! 625 142 / 55 $4,257
Megaplex XII 26-28 July, 2013 Rocking At The Hop Marriott Orlando Airport Orlando, FL Fox Amoore, Tirrel Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer 821 185 / 86 $4,038
Megaplex XIII 25-27 July, 2014 The Candy Factory Marriott Orlando Airport Orlando, FL Mary Mouse, TaniDaReal Fox Amoore, Rhubarb the Bear, Husky In Denial, Pepper Coyote 1,281 320 / 76 $10,696.98
Megaplex XIV 31 July - 2 August, 2015 Cops & Robbers Marriott Orlando Airport Orlando, FL FableFire, FizzOtter Fox Amoore, Rhubarb the Bear and Cosmik, Husky In Denial 1,472 359 / 82 $8,260.23
Megaplex XV 5-7 August, 2016 British Invasion Embassy Suites - Lake Buena Vista South Orlando, FL Kenket, Cosmic Wuffy Fox Amoore, Pepper Coyote, Rhubarb the Bear and Cosmik 1,860 449 / 150 $8,467.86
Megaplex XVI 4-6 August, 2017 Mega Quest: The Wrath of Con Seaworld DoubleTree Orlando, FL Kodi (Canada), Rick Griffin 2,430 N/A / 162 $12,394.89 Saturday parade cancelled due to weather
Megaplex XVII 3-5 August, 2018 The Furnesian Islands SeaWorld DoubleTree Orlando, FL Panda Paco, Kyle McCarthy 2,602 468 / 68 $10,849.88
Megaplex XVIII 9-11 August, 2019 The Greatest Escape Caribe Royale Orlando, FL JD Puppy, SonicFox5000 3,615 617 / 138 $40,000.00
Megaplex XVIII½ 21-23 August, 2020 Megaplex Online Online Online N/A 571 N/A $10,079.73
Megaplex XIX 6-8 August, 2021 All Aboard! Caribe Royale Orlando, FL Kyell Gold, Hyena Agenda Alkali Bismuth 2,889 669 / 179 $50,000.00
Megaplex XX 5-7 August, 2022 Electric AvUwU Caribe Royale Orlando, FL Illumi-Nation Cyberwear, Lofi N/A 4,662 1,024 / 160 $70,000.00
Megaplex XXI 15-17 September, 2023 Be Anything, Do Anything! Hyatt Regency Orlando Orlando, FL Ash Coyote, Bemani Tiger, WHSPRS Vox Audio (formerly Toxic Audio) 5,189 900 / 332 $88,000.00


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