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VancouFur 2013 conbook front cover. Artwork by Apoxon, Chelsey Bueckert, Davecko, Temrin, Soulscape and Weremagnus (credits in order they appeared in conbook credits).
VancouFur 2013 Tshirt. Design by Weremagnus - Printed and dsitributed by kitty loves monster

VancouFur 2013 was the second VancouFur convention. It took place from March 1-3, 2013, and was held at the Executive Hotel, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Local furry DJ Akonite was elected chair of the convention. Attendance rose to 484[1] guests; an increase of almost 40% over the previous year.

The three Guests of Honor were the owners and artists of Con*Tact Caffeine: Jana Stout (Maly), Jon DiFrancesco (Jondi), and Omekin Lutz. The convention’s featured charity was once again the BC Siberian Husky Club, for which was raised $1275.[2]

Theme: Rocks and Rails[edit]

2013 welcoming ceremonies introduction video.

The theme for 2013, "Rocks and Rails", was inspired by the province's influential railroad and mining industries.[citation needed] The theme was manifested around the hotel via signage resembling railway crossing signals.

Themed Banner Contest[edit]

2013 year staff held a banner contest to become a part of the VancouFur Banner Ad[3] Entrants: Ceowolf (1st Place) | Blue Koinu (2nd Place) | Katsuke (3rd place) | Whitefoot (4th place) | Buddy Cola | KateTheMArten | Mystiqe |

The final ad was made up of the 4 winners' artwork and each entrant was also put up on the VF galleries and in the conbook.

Community Spotlight[edit]

VancouFur 2013 featured the first Community Spotlight, highlighting local talent from the British Columbia and Northern Washington furry community. 2013's spotlight was on Weremagnus[4].

GOH Dinner Cake[edit]

VF2013 Cakes

2013 was the first year a local non-furry artist was brought on to create a GOH Dinner cake. Mother to one of the staff and definitely a furry ally, Julie ( created GOH 'Head' cakes for weremagnus, jondi and Omekin(Who couldn't make it but Maly_Twotails and the other GOH's enjoyed taking bites of the non-attending GOH and taking pictures.) Picture of the GOHs with their cakes


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