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This article lists upcoming and recently past online furry conventions. See Online furry convention for the general concept of an online furry convention.

Upcoming conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
Platforms Notes
Fur Squared February 26-28, 2021[1]
VRChat The theme for Fur Squared is 'The Roaring 2.0s'. Streams and panels are planned.
Fur the 'More March 5-7, 2021?
The theme is "Fur the More 8.5 - 20 minutes into the Future", a virtual event with a cyber/distopian theme.[2]
VancouFur March 6-7, 2021
The theme is "EvfurQuest Online (BETA)"[3]
Blue Ridge Furfare March 12-14, 2021
Telegram, Discord The theme is "80's Retro Revive".
Furnal Equinox March 19-21, 2021[4]
A virtual event is being planned.[5]
Texas Furry Fiesta March 25-28, 2021
Minecraft[6] A virtual event is being planned in lieu of an in-person con.[7]
CozyCon Weekend of May 15th, 2021.[8] Online Discord, Website Third iteration of CozyCon Online. Theme and Exact dates/times TBA.

Past conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
Platforms Notes
VR Japan Meeting of Furries January 7-10, 2021[9]
VRChat JMOF's second iteration of their VRChat-held convention.
Further Confusion January 15-18, 2021[10]
Zoom, VRChat, Mixcloud

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