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This article lists upcoming and recently past online furry conventions.

Upcoming conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
Platforms Notes
Furality Aqua: Oceans of Luma June 17-19, 2022[1] Online VRChat
CouchCon June 24-26, 2022[2] Online Livestream, Discord Fourth iteration of CouchCon.
Hex Furry Fest July 22-24, 2022[3] Online VRChat, Twitch, Discord Fifth iteration of Hex Furry Fest. The theme is "Luau."
PAWAI July 28-31, 2022[4]
Twitch Events, panels and concert. The theme is "PAWAI Uptown Rock On Air."
Floof Con August 5-7, 2022[5] Online Discord The theme is "Back in the Furassic."
Othercon August 12-14, 2022[6] Online Discord Third iteration of Othercon. A virtual convention for members of the Otherkin, Therian, and general Alterhuman/Nonhuman community.
Weekend Furry Retreat August 12-14, 2022[7] Online Livestream
KorpsCon August 26-28, 2022[8] Online Livestream, Picarto Fourth iteration of KorpsCon. Panels, workshops, DJ sets, games, and art streams expected.
Little Island Furcon November 2022
Discord, VRChat, Twitch The theme is "Victorian Murder Mystery." Featuring a Dealer’s Den, panels, VRChat, online multiplayer games, competitions, and mukbang.
Melbourne Fur Con TBA
TBA An online convention will be run in place of the cancelled physical convention,[9] which was slated for January 29-30.

Past conventions[edit]

Name Dates Regular
Platforms Notes
Floof Con January 8-9, 2022[10] Online Discord Floof Con's first winter convention, the Floof Con Furry Flurry.
VR Japan Meeting of Furries January 8-9, 2022[11]
VRChat JMOF's third iteration of their VRChat-held convention.
FC Discord Dealers Online Event January 13-17, 2022 [12] Online Discord Following the last-minute cancellation of Further Confusion, an online event arose for the registered FC dealers to sell their wares, also featuring games, streams, social gatherings, and a charity auction. There were 760 attendees and $500 was raised for FC.[13]
Furry Valley Virtual Con January 14-17, 2022 [14] Online Discord, VRChat Four days of furry fun with panelists, games, special guests, and more!
Vancoufur March 3-6, 2022
VRChat, Discord, Minecraft, Livestream Featuring VRChat and Minecraft worlds, a virtual Dealer's Den, and Twitch streams. [15] The theme was "EvFurQuest Online." Ran concurrently with an in-person convention.
Furnal Equinox March 18-20, 2022
VRChat, NeosVR Ran in conjunction with the in-person convention.[16] The theme was "Retro Rewind." Online portion consisted of a virtual Dealer's Den, VR worlds, and main stage programming streamed into VRChat and NeosVR. Over 420 virtual attendees participated with 4682 total new visits to VRChat worlds and 5177 total new visits to Neos worlds.[17]
The Energetic Convention (T.E.C.) April 1-3, 2022[18] Online Discord, VRChat Third iteration of T.E.C.
CozyCon May 14, 2022[19] Online Discord, Twitch, Minecraft, VRChat Fifth iteration of CozyCon Online. The theme continued as "CozyWave" and there were 787 peak attendees.[20] Featured vendors, panels, DJ's, and events.
Little Island Furcon May 21, 2022[21]
Discord, VRChat Featuring a Dealer’s Den, panels, VRChat, online multiplayer games, competitions, and mukbang. The theme was "Urban Techwear" and 300 attendees participated.


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