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Las Vegas Fur Con
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Status Ongoing
First iteration April 14-16, 2023
Organizer(s) Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events
Subject Furry

Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) is a furry convention taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The first iteration occurred on April 14-16, 2023 at the Alexis Park Hotel.

It is run by Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events (SNV Anthro Events), a non-profit organization incorporated in June 2022.


Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) grew out of the Rebel Anthropomorphic Works and Recreation (RAWR) club on the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV) campus. Chaired by Addy Acro-Santos for 2023, the convention gradually recruited more staff from Las Vegas and the broader furry community. The 2023 event was intended to be all-ages, but venue considerations made the convention turn 18+ for year one. As a result, LVFC had to struggle with the idea it was the second year of Sin City Murr Con, and with the idea being 18+ would mean the con was meant to be overly sexual.

One of 2023's noticeable features was the hotel being bought out on Friday and Saturday, ensuring only furries were on-site. These days, the convention also rented the hotel rooftop, which was the site of a 21+ party both nights.

After year one's completion, LVFC decided to experiment with being 21+ for 2024, hoping to reduce ID checks at its current venue and improve negotiations with future venues. The convention also bought out Sunday, ensuring only furs would be on-site for three days straight. Initially, Tani Coyote and Addy Acro-Santos served as co-Chairs, but in August of 2024, Tani took over as full Chair. Unlike for 2023, for 2024 the convention sold out all 496 rooms of the Alexis Park by late August, forcing the need for overflow hotels.

Guests of Honor[edit]


  • 2023: "The Enfurtainment Capital of the World"
  • 2024: "Nuclear A-Paw-Calypse"[1]


LVFC supports Las Vegas TransPride, a 501(c)(3) organization which aids the trans* community of Las Vegas.

  • 2023: $6,220[2]


  • 2023: 1,483[3]

Staff members[edit]

Convention Committee[edit]

As of July 2023, the LVFC Convention Committee consists of the following: [4]

  • Tani, Con Chair
  • Ratchet Fox, A/V Director
  • Kuru, HR Director
  • Tani, Marketing Director
  • Serenity, Operations Director
  • Crake, Programming Director
  • Addy Acro-Santos, Sales Director
  • Fentic, Venue Director

Board of Directors[edit]

As of July 2023, the Board of Directors of Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events consists of the following: [5]

  • Violet the Fox, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Jaykie, Secretary
  • Tani, Treasurer
  • Addy Acro-Santos
  • Crake
  • Holly Fox
  • Khromatic Scale
  • Kiro Yrmori
  • Serenity


The con's four mascots are Ace the coyote, Kingsley the bighorn sheep, Queen Sierra the mountain puma, and Jackpot the jackrabbit. Each represents a playing card suit and different aspects of the diverse furry community.[6]


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