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Fur-Eh 2012 banner frame15.jpg
Status Ongoing
First iteration 4-6 May, 2012 (as Fur-Eh!)
Organizer(s) Fallout Coyote, Thallanor Rasmuson
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Fur-Eh! resources
Fur-Eh! 2012
Fur-Eh! 2013
Fur-Eh! 2014
Fur-Eh! 2015
Fur-Eh! 2016
Fur-Eh! 2017

Fur-Eh! staff
Fur-Eh! guests of honour

Fur-Eh! is Alberta's first official furry convention. It was conceived in 2010 by Thallanor Rasmuson, and its first iteration was over May 4-6, 2012.

The convention is held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, originally at the Hilton Garden Inn, and at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center from 2014.

Convention leaders[edit]

Fallout Coyote and Thallanor Rasmuson are the main coordinators of the convention.

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