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Fur-Eh 2012 banner frame15.jpg
Status Ongoing
First iteration 4-6 May, 2012 (as Fur-Eh!)
Organizer(s) Fallout Coyote, Thallanor Rasmuson
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Fur-Eh! resources

Fur-Eh! is Alberta's first official furry convention, It is held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, at the Hilton Garden Inn, only a few minutes' drive away from the West Edmonton Mall.


Fur-Eh! was conceived in 2010 by Thallanor Rasmuson, and its first iteration was on May 4, 2012. The convention lasted three days, ending on May 6, 2012.

The convention had an attendance of 200, and the Guest of Honor was Silent Ravyn.


Fur-Eh! 2013 took place over May 3-5. The theme was "The Great Canadian Road Trip" and the Guest of Honor was Strawberry Neko.[1]

2013 saw 273 attendees and over 70 fursuiters.[2]


Fur-Eh! 2014 took place over May 2-4.[3] The theme was "Pirates of the North Saskatchewan River".

The Guest of Honour was Shinigamigirl.[3]

Fur-Eh! 2014 saw 351 attendees, including 72 fursuiters in the fursuit parade.[4]


Fur-Eh! 2015 is scheduled for May 8-10,[5] having previous been scheduled for May 1-3.[6] The convention's theme has been announced as "Weird Wild West! Steampunk meets the wild frontier!"[7] The Guest of Honour will be Strype.[7]

Convention leaders[edit]

Fallout Coyote and Thallanor Rasmuson are the main coordinators of the convention.


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