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Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Status Ongoing
First iteration July 27-30, 2017
Organizer(s) Hack Your Lives
Subject Furry Hackers / Infosec
Resources Photos, videos, reports: DEFCON Furs resources

DEFCON Furs is an annual convention celebrating the anthropomorphics genre or furry fandom within the hacker and infosec community, that takes place inside of the larger non-furry convention DEF CON in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, each summer.


It started as a room meetup for furries that regularly attended the DEF CON hacker conference. As word spread within the community, it turned out more furries were attending DEF CON than what could fit in a small hotel room. So "DEFCON Furs" as an event was produced in 2017 in a dedicated public suite where everyone at DEF CON, furry or otherwise, could come party, network, chill, work on challenges and learn about DEF CON and the interesting people that make up the attendees. You can think of us like a mini-furry convention as part of the DEF CON madness. We also wanted to give back to the local vegas community so during our 2017 event we held a fundraiser for The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, raising $2,000 from the DEF CON community.

Our events and fundraiser in 2017 were hugely successful. To keep it going, DEFCON Furs became part of Hack Your Lives, a California 501c3 non-profit corporation. During 2018 our team and volunteers brought a bigger suite, more furries, a couple of panels, another charity fundraiser, and - most notably to DEF CON attendees who had no idea DEFCON Furs existed - the so-called "boop" badge (Wrench Fox Badge).

2019 info needed.

2020 was held online due to covid-19 canceling in-person activities of DEF CON. DEFCON Furs 2020 was held the weekend after DEF CON 2020 online.

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