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VancouFur 2018 was the seventh instance of the VancouFur convention. It was held over March 8-11, 2018,[1] at The Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.[2]

The convention's theme was "Tomorrowland",[1] and the guests of honor were Jai the Jackodile and Dervacor The Blue Dragon.[3]

The convention saw 1,012 attendees, with 186 fursuiters in the fursuit parade.[4] The convention charity was S.A.I.N.T.S, for which $2,500 was raised.[4]

VancouFur 2018 conbook covers. Background art by KuleDraws. Character art (from left to right): Trapa (art by RoseIron), Aphinity (art by Tanookie), VF mascot Sunny the otter (art by Allosaurex), VF mascot Misty the raccoon (art by Temrin), GoH character Jai the Jackodile (art by Reika), Devacor (character of GoH Dervacor) (art by Rhari), and VF mascot Castor the beaver (art by Ceowolf).


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