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World Wild Fur Camp
World Wild Fur Camp logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration October 5-7, 2018
Organizer(s) Al CaBone
Charity YMCA
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: World Wild Fur Camp resources

World Wild Fur Camp is a furry camp in Ohio, USA led by Chairmen Al CaBone and Vice Chairman Hund The Hound. Its inaugural weekend was October 5-7, 2018, at the YMCA Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, with around 50 attendees.[1]

The fourth iteration of the camp took place over November 10-12, 2023, with a medieval and high fantasy theme dubbed "Quest for Camp Campbell-Lot." World Wild Fur Camp has been confirmed to return for the 2024 season with an 80s Slasher Film theme dubbed "Furries of the Corn," dates TBD.


Potential events mentioned - some staffed by the YMCA - include "fishing, archery, nightly raves, access to the guild market, the camp store, zip lining, shows, open mic, campfires, night raves, trick-or treat walk [and] petting zoo".[2] The "guild market" acts as a rough equivalent of an Artists' Alley and Dealer's Den, with paid one-day spots.[2]

The event has a system of guilds to organize attendees for games,[3] although in the first instance this led lead to imbalances due to variable counts and age ranges.[1]


Weekend tickets for World Wild Fur Camp are inclusive for a camper's stay, including cabin space with bathrooms and showers, three meals provided daily by YMCA camp staff, and access to a host of YMCA sponsored events throughout the campgrounds. All campers are welcome to stay shortly after Closing Ceremonies for an ice cream social before leaving camp.

VIP tickets are available for an upgraded experience that includes a special VIP badge, access to a dinner with the Guest of Honor and WWFC Staff, and a photo shoot provided by Hund the Hound.

Camp Mascot[edit]

Slender Fox

Slender Fox, in a similar vein to Slenderman, is rumored to lurk in the woods surrounding the campgrounds. He is the epitome of the worst representation of the furry fandom. Legends state that if he catches you in the woods he will steal your fursuit. If you don't have a fursuit, he will instead beg you for free art. If you are not an artist, then he drags you deep into the forest, never to be seen again.

Guild Wars Winners[edit]

2018 Winners: First Place Archway, Second Place Pookas Goat House
2019 Winners: First Place Pookas Goat House, Second Place Boop Troop
2020-2021 Canceled due to Covid-19
2022 Winners: First Place Boop Troop, Second Place Witches' Lair
2023 Winners: First Place Witches' Lair, Second Place Archway

Guests of Honor[edit]

2018 Marks Barks and Gerce
2019: Chloe (Glitter Critter Creations), and Hund The Hound
2020-2021: Jaru (Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic)
2022: Jaru
2023: Adler the Eagle and Blazen the Dragon
2024: Roxxy the Rock 'n' Roll Vixen
2025: TBD


YMCA Campground Related events
Fishing, Archery, Rope Course, Rock climb wall, Zip Line, Ghost Stories, 2018 Furries Eat Weird things Karaoke, Con Horror Stories with Marks Barks and Gerce Furry Nerf Wars, Rave, Tug of War, Slender Fox - Hunt for 8 Pages


Meet the GOH With Chloe and Hund
Furries eat weird things
Trick or Treating
Comedy Stand up show
Slender Fox - Best photo of Slender Fox Contest


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