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The first ever photo Cassidy took in her suit.

Cassidy Civet, full Cassidy The Civet (born September 17, 1998), is a Canadian-Italian[1] Malayan Civet who lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.[2]


Cassidy primarily works as a movie extra when not at conventions.

She suffered a mini stroke, or TIA, on May 1, 2019. This has largely been the reason she has decided to finally release her first album. On December 31, 2019, she was involved in a car accident, sustaining minimal injuries.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Cassidy Civet found the furry community around 2012. She had long been interested in anthropomorphic cartoons and media, and it was through her short-lived obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog that she found the fandom. Before she knew the fandom existed, however, she had posted pictures of fursuits on Facebook in adoration and fascination.

She was called the "Future of Furry Music" by Pepper Coyote.[3]

Cassidy also won the Good Furry Award for 2021 presented by Grubbs Grizzly.[4] She later also received fandomwide attention for her appearances in all of Eurovision's short-lived fan recaps and on season 2 of Canada's Got Talent.[5]


Her fursona choice of a Malayan Civet came from the most unusual of sources. While watching Survivor Caramoan, the camera cut briefly to a civet in the jungle. This caught Cassidy's eye and she took a rather low-quality photo of it with her phone. She began showing it to everyone she could find in hopes that someone would know what it was. It wasn't until she asked the internet that she got her answer. She picked her species more than a year after making her first FurAffinity account. The name Cassidy wasn't decided on for another year or so. Another name that was considered was Celeste, but was ultimately rejected for being too similar to Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic even though it was inspired by a character from Babar.

Convention attendance[edit]


Her first convention was VancouFur 2016, also attended Howloween for the first time that same year. She made her staff debut at VancouFur 2017 in which she was the Variety Show lead (and host with Potoroo), as well as an actress in the Opening and Closing ceremonies (only having a speaking role in the former). She also made her Fursuit Parade debut in Trapa's original African Civet suit.

Cassidy attended Fur-Eh! 2017 for the first time, making her debut trip to another Canadian province. She entered and came in third at the Variety Show, with her cover of Keep The Faith by Tamara Gachechiladze. She once again appeared in the Fursuit Parade in Trapa's original civet suit. She also attended Howloween 2017.

She returned as the theater lead for VancouFur 2018, hosting and running the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Variety Show. She also performed in the variety show, performing her debut Pop single "Comfort Zone"[Zone]. Cassidy was also asked at the last minute to be the auctioneer for the Charity Auction for the first time. She returned in the fursuit parade in Trapa's fursuit once again.

Attending Fur-Eh! 2018, she was in the variety show and featured in the first ever Fur-Eh! Performance Showcase. In the Variety Show, she sang Under the Ladder by Mélovin. She also attended Howloween 2018 as well to round out the convention year.


She kicked off 2019 by attending Further Confusion 2019, which was her first American con, and first out of country con. She performed in FC Unleashed, the con's variety show, performing the same song as at Fur-Eh! 2018, also not placing. She went to FC primarily to meet a long time friend from online.

She's was asked to return as theater lead for her third consecutive year of staffing VancouFur 2019. Though she became the youth coordinator instead through a series of mix ups and miscommunications. She ran 4 panels, the most she's ever run at a con to this date.

Upon receiving her first full fursuit on June 10, she made her suit debut at Fur-Eh! 2019, performing in full suit at the variety show performing twice with the songs Chameleon and Replay (placing second), and in the dance competition, where she was approached by many guests to complain that she was robbed from a podium spot after not placing in the top 3. She danced to "Temple" by Baauer featuring M.I.A. and G-DRAGON. A small movement of people with signs was at the closing ceremonies that read "Justice 4 Cassidy".

She attended the debut Furvana, performing in the dance competition where she failed to place once again, attendees continued to voice their disagreement with the results and single judge/host to her.

At Howloween 2019, she judged the dance competition and introduced a unique style of voting involving three judges and one audience vote for a 75/25 split. Despite a broken link, the backup QR code proved successful and this new combined result ultimately lead to a tie that was broken by the judge vote. Cassidy hopes to bring this new method of voting to more cons in the future.

Deciding last minute, Cassidy made her Midwest FurFest 2019 debut. However, after battling a cold in the days leading up to her appearance, she lost her voice and failed to bring enough business cards to the con. This, coupled with the poor scheduling of putting the variety show at the same time as floor wars, made it the first con she attended with over a thousand people where she failed to get a single Patreon supporter. While she did have fun, on the business side it was a total bust.


2020 started with Further Confusion 2020 once more, bringing her suit for the first time. She sang "Greek Fire" in FC: Unleashed with back up dancers Paco Panda and Koidel Coyote but yet again failed to place. She also qualified for the dance competition on her first try, not even being aware she had made it through the auditions until Nos Hyena told her at the fursuit parade.

Being invited as a musical guest, she made her debut at Texas Furry Fiesta 2020 with her first ever concert to promote her newly released album Double Take. She was also a judge at the dance competition, which had the now infamous #testicles incident, which became the most hashtagged TFF related thing that weekend. She has said TFF is now her favorite American con.

Her final con of 2020 was VancouFur 2020. This was the last con before the pandemic struck and cancelled all upcoming events. She performed her song Sakura in the talent show, and performed "La Voix" by Malena Ernman in the third annual Cutie Pageant, and got 2nd place. It was also the first time she had to cancel her flagship panel SurviFur due to poor scheduling. She also judged the dance competition and participated in Floor Wars by request to fill out the non suited bracket, though she was knocked out in the first round.

She performed her first online concert as part of Confuror 2020 which had cancelled it's physical con as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also judged the dance competition where she coordinated her audience participation vote for the first time fully online.


Cassidy entered the virtual variety show for Further Confusion 2021, where for the first time she finished in first place for the music video of her song "Sakura". This became her first ever talent show win at any con and first top 3 finish at FC after two previous attempts. She also had her first concert of the year on the Sunday of the con, also being her first concert at FC.

She also did a digital concert for Fur Squared, for which there was an encore performance due to stream quality issues. This was followed by virtual concerts at online iterations of Blue Ridge Furfare, Furnal Equinox, Texas Furry Fiesta, Fur The More, Confuzzled and Nordic Fuzzcon.

However, against all odds she announced she would be going on a 6 convention tour during late summer 2021, starting with Megaplex 2021 where she performed only her second ever concert on a convention main stage. As well, she also made a surprise appearance in Pepper Coyote's concert which was ironically called "Alone in Florida", where she was let to sing 2 songs before being joined by Pepper to debut their new collaboration "Raise A Glass" for the first time publicly. A song she herself penned. The song will not be released until ANW 2021.

Immediately after she went to Furrydelphia 2021, where she performed another concert, this time on a smaller scale, as well as doing her signature Transformation Chat panel and her SurviFur game spontaneously in the con's board game room. She also participated in the talent show and dance competition, despite missing the auditions for the latter.

Next up was DenFur 2021 where she did yet another small scale concert, Transformation Chat, and SurviFur, which unfortunately was scheduled for 10am, to which she protested and ultimately bailed on, later learning there had been 18 people waiting at the panel room to play. She considers it her biggest regret of the tour. She also participated in the dance competition yet again, opening the show but the wrong version of her song was played.

Fourth was Texas Furry Siesta 2021, another first time convention but second time hotel as it was in the same venue as Texas Furry Fiesta 2020. Despite not performing a concert, she still managed to run a season of SurviFur in the prematurely dismantled Game room. It was the second and final season she ran during the tour. There was no dance competition.

Fifth came Tails and Tornadoes 2021, becoming not just her first attendance but first time in the state of Oklahoma. Despite an unfortunate start on Friday, she came back in full swing and went on to run another tf panel, place 3rd in the Dance Competition (becoming her first ever placement in a dance comp), and be an auctioneer at the charity auction. She also made her second guest appearance in a Pepper Coyote concert where they yet again performed "Raise A Glass".

And the final con stop on her tour was Furvana 2021. As a last hurrah, she judged the dance comp in suit and helped auctioneer the charity auction once more. There was also a tf panel on the beach for the ten people who could find them there. Once done the con she attempted to cross the border back to Canada without a negative COVID test, was denied and ended up with a warning and having to spend $250 USD on an accepted rapid test. She finally returned to Canada on September 14.

Far from done with conventions in 2021, she made Biggest Little Fur Con 2021 her next stop. Her first time attending, she made her mark with a concert on Second Stage where she performed for the full hour in full fursuit for the first time. There was also another performance of "Raise A Glass" with Pepper Coyote during his 18+ Charity concert.

Next came another double feature; Howloween 2021 as a post-Halloween mini-con, where she ran her arguably most engaging iteration of SurviFur to date (which was won by a returning player from the very first infamous season of SurviFur that went unfinished, Sora), ran and hosted the dance competition, and DJed live for the first time on her Windows XP Gateway laptop. And then the next weekend was Anthro Northwest 2021, which was arguably the con she had the least responsibilities at of all year. She and Pepper sang "Raise A Glass" yet again during his concert but that was basically all she did. She spent most of the weekend suiting and meeting up with friends.

The 10th and final con she attended in 2021 was of course Midwest Fur Fest 2021. Here she did her 7th and final concert of the year, this time in a panel room and not on a stage, but she brought posters to the con to advertise and worked her butt off letting people at this massive con know about the random panel room concert. This ultimately ended with her concert having the most registered attendees on Sched of any concert at MFF.


Cassidy's first con of 2022 was scheduled to be Further Confusion 2022, which was to be two days after she returned from San Marino/Italy from her Eurovision Song Contest 2022 audition. FC 2022 was unfortunately cancelled as what many see as the final cancelled con from COVID.

Now officially kicking off 2022 with another tour, although smaller than the previous year's tour, she began with VancouFur 2022, her home con. Returning as staff, she was in charge of the Dance Competition and Talent Show, as well as her concert (immediately following the talent show), SurviFur and the TF Chat.

Next she took a greyhound to Seattle from Vancouver, flying to Vegas briefly before heading to Blue Ridge Furfare 2022. It was her first time in either Vegas or North Carolina, and she came out swinging with a concert, a TF meet, and a dance comp performance. She also ran an impromptu game of SurviFur which had it's first ever superfan winner.

Flying from Raleigh to Dallas, next stop on her tour was Furry Fiesta 2022! She was not asked to return as a dance comp judge and ultimately decided to sit out the comp without even auditioning. She ran her concert, TF meet, and SurviFur, all without a hitch.

The last stop on her trip was up in Detroit for Motor City Fur Con 2022! Her first time at this con, she had the least to do of any con she's been at recently. She didn't even enter the dance comp. This was definitely a rest con for her, and a quiet way to end her tour after 3 weekends of running tf meets, concerts, and SurviFur.

After a two week break post-tour, she embarked on her next con; Fur Squared 2022! She had much more to do at this con, running a concert, one of the most successful SurviFur seasons so far (crowning the second Superfan), her first joint of the panel with another of enthusiast panelist, and the biggest of her events; the dance competition! She brought her audience voting tactics to F2 and the crowd loved it. It was her first time at that con and in Wisconsin as well.

Just a week before she flew out to her first Furry Weekend Atlanta, her televised appearance during Canada's Got Talent premiered.[6] It was brief, and she released a YouTube video with more information on her experience on the show.[7]

Then, it was time for FWA 22! Her first time at the con, or being in Georgia for more than a layover. She put on a panel room concert, SurviFur and her tf meet.

Coming up in 2022, scheduled appearances at; BLFC, AC, Fur-Eh, Megaplex, WPFC, DenFur, Furrydelphia, TTFC, FM, Confuror, Howloween, and MFF.

Music, art, and miscellaneous endeavors[edit]

Cassidy is a musician who frequently publishes music of all genres, most specifically songs in her favorite genres of Pop Music, EDM and Adult Contemporary. She has said her least favorite genre is classical or instrumental music because of the personal touches that can be applied to songs with singers and lyrics. Though most often finding herself as a producer, she'd much rather be the vocal presence on her songs. She finally released her debut album on February 29, 2020 under her furry name.

As a producer and songwriter, Cassidy has been submitting for the Eurovision Song Contest. Submitting from 2015 to 2022 annually, for a rotating series of countries including Norway, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Ireland, Malta and Moldova. She's continuing to write and submit new music for the contest, working with foreign musicians as well. On May 12, 2020 she became the first ever fursuit to ever in the 60+ year history of Eurovision to be featured in the Eurovision Song Contest, being shown in the first and second ever fan recap for the Semi Finals since the event had been cancelled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. She also auditioned for San Marino, flying all the way from Vancouver to Bologna, Italy with a layover in Paris. This was her first time ever in Europe. Ultimately the audition was not successful however, as the microstate chose to pursue a song in Italian instead.

In addition to music, Cassidy also has an interest in art, drawing, and directing. She sketches and draws occasionally, mostly for storyboarding her music videos. She attended a summer course on Animation in 2016 which taught her some things, but mostly put her skills into perspective. She has taken on a new creative role as the director and partial storyboard artist for her upcoming animated music videos.

Cassidy writes reviews and commentary for Flayrah.[8]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Details
Double Take
  • Released: February 29, 2020
  • Label: Civet Society, Independent
  • Format: Streaming, digital download, CD
cruel oasis
  • Released: 2023
  • Label: Civet Society, Independent
  • Format: Streaming, digital download, CD

Extended plays[edit]

Title Details
  • Released: TBA
  • Label: Civet Society, Independent
  • Format: Streaming, digital download


As lead artist[edit]

Title Year Album
Comfort Zone 2018 Double Take
Let Your Heart Take Flight 2019 TBA
Moonlight 2019 Double Take
Sakura 2020 TBA
Black Wolf 2021 cruel oasis
Raise A Glass (feat. Pepper Coyote) 2021 cruel oasis



Year Title Role Notes
2017 Descendants 2 Isle of the Lost Extra Made for TV Film
2018 Freaky Friday Extra Made for TV Film
2019 Descendants 3 Isle of the Lost Extra Made for TV Film
2019 Kim Possible High School Extra Made for TV Film
2020 A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting School and Party Extra Netflix Movie
2021 Sabrina Part 4 Baxter High Student (episodes 1, 3, 4, and 5) Netflix Show


Year Title Role Notes
2020 & 2021 Eurovision Fursuiter in Recaps YouTube Exclusive
2021 Sabrina Part 4 Baxter High Student (episodes 1, 3, 4, and 5) Netflix Show
2022 Canada's Got Talent Contestant (episodes 1, 2, and 6) CityTV


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