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Zillion Ross, also known as Zillion and Imaginatively Unimaginative on YouTube, is a Mexican-American artist, fursuiter and YouTuber from the United States. He likes to ski and mountain bike. He also holds a degree in mechanical engineering.


  • Baron: A red and black protogen that debuted at MFF 2018 [1]. The suit was created by himself. It features 3D printed parts and fans.
  • Zillion: Newest suit that debuted at TFF. It was created by Kiwi Fox [2].


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  • Zillion Ross: Originally a skunk-coyote hybrid, with revisions to simplify the design, Zillion held a Twitter Poll on December 25, 2018 asking if he should keep the horns [3]. Following the outcome of the poll, he added it, making his fursona a skunk-coyote-deer hybrid. The fursona's main colors are grey and white and features geometric shapes around his body.
  • Bean: An African Wild Dog Zillion announced he had March 9, 2021. Bean has the base dark and lighter browns as his main colors, with spots of blue, especially some right under his eyes. Bean is a pseuto sona, which Zillion has been sketching to show the negative feelings he's had since at least March, 2021. Bean has also been known to be drawn as a skull dog.


A YouTube channel under the name of Imaginatively Unimaginative was created by Zillion on December 22, 2017, [4]. His channel mainly revolves around drawing and tutorial videos but also includes real-life footage of cons and sports.

Following an explosive growth of his channel in 2020, he reached over 90k subscribers. Later, on July 13, 2020, he reached over 100k subscribers. He celebrated by holding a 100k Q and A on his youtube channel.


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