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Aquarius Crystalwave's fursuit

Aquarius Crystalwave (born September 17), is a male fursuiter, artist, dancer, singer, photographer and YouTuber who resides in Texas, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although Aquarius Crystalwave has followed furry art since a very early age, he has been officially active in the community since 2010.

Aquarius has most notably been seen in numerous furry convention fursuit dance competitions ranging from BLFC 2015 to AC 2019. His style combines elements from multiple genres to create a unique artistic experience. He continually pushes himself to be vulnerable and raw with the audience and to push the boundaries to address emotions and experiences that we as society are afraid to face and bring to light. He is a firm believer that dance does not have to be overly glamorous, technical, or complex - he strives for minimalism and the subtleties that are often missed to point to the importance and power of mindfulness and simplistic living.

Although Aquarius currently has a handful of wins under his belt, that is not his motivation for dancing at all. He believes that art has the power to impact and help people push through the darkest points of their lives by letting them know that they are not alone or wrong in their experiences and feelings and by showing them that even painful experiences can be turned into something beautiful if we allow ourselves to accept our feelings and be at peace with them. Although he does enjoy fun upbeat styles as well when raving at the conventions or freestyling in the cyphers, during the dance competitions themselves where many are watching, he wants to use his moment of attention on stage to try and touch even one person's heart and help them address and find comfort and solidarity to push through the things they are facing in life through his raw and honest art. The main reason for this motivation is because he too has suffered through many dark periods in his life and he does not want anyone else to feel scared, alone, or hurt because he knows firsthand how horrible it can be.

He is continuously pushing into new boundaries and forms of art to pour his heart out into, and is currently starting to produce extremely experimental music as well. He wants to create lasting art and to challenge the way things have always been as he believes that is what helps us grow as people. Many times, he channels his feelings and emotions and deviates from any standard structures as he finds that it can be very limiting if we try and fit ourselves into preexisting structures. That is not to say he actively tries and create chaos, but rather that he finds the raw authenticity that comes from improvisational and experimental art to be much more powerful than the hyper polished orderly ones.

Aside, from art, Aquarius does like to have fun too. He is often seen around different conventions dancing to his boombox that he carries around with him during his shenanigans or on the stage itself during the evening dances. He is very approachable, easy going, and down to earth, so don't be shy if you see him around.


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