Wild Prairie Fur Con

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Wild Prairie Fur Con
Wild Prairie Fur Con logo.jpg

Status Ongoing
First iteration August 11-12, 2018
Organizer(s) Wild Prairie Furs
Subject Convention
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Wild Prairie Fur Con resources
Wild Prairie Fur Con (edit)
Wild Prairie Fur Con 2018
Wild Prairie Fur Con 2019

Wild Prairie Fur Con staff
Wild Prairie Fur Con guests of honor

Wild Prairie Fur Con (WPFCon) is a furry convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, conceived by Wild Prairie Furs,[1] a group of furries in the Manitoba area.[1] and organized by Oddball Organizers,[2] it is held annually since 2018, with an attendance of 181 in 2018.


# Dates of Convention Theme Venue Location Guests of Honor Chair Attendance Percentage change Parade count Charity Amount
1 Aug 11–12, 2018[3] "In a Galaxy Fur, Fur Away..." Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park Winnipeg, Manitoba Amara Fox,[4] Mojito [1] Chinona 181[5] 37 $1,037.65 Craig Street Cats
2 Aug 9–11, 2019[6] "Furassic Park" Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba Vallhund, Klace Chinona 211 17% 51 $1,612.00 Craig Street Cats
3 Aug 12–14, 2022[7] "Tropical Paw-radise" Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba TBA, TBA Chinona TBA TBA% TBA $TBA [TBA To Be Annouced]


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