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Last-Fur-One (LFO) is a furry dance crew describing itself as "furry fandom's first-ever furry dance crew".

Members of the crew (as of 2015 September 26) are: leader Ronnie (aka skyryd3r), admin Atsu Fawx, Doryuu, Fufu (fuskyfufu), Kendi (aka Kwik?), Mozee, Phorone Sarosa (aka Phor or Phorphaux), Remix, SmilingSammi (formerly Blue) and VegaGuy (formerly ~V~)

Past members include: Flipsta and Hunter.[1]

Promo video for the group included (in order of appearance): Ronnie, Blue, Kwik, Doryuu, Flipsta, Remix, Atsu and Mozee. Description says Hunter and Phor were missing from the video.[1]

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