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Potoroo (also known as LHR and The Kangaroo Warrior) is a furry "pseudo-artist", musician and roogoyle. He is also administrator of the Toronto Furry Mailing List (TorFur), and chair of Camp Feral since 2005. He wrote and illustrated a partially-furry comic, Ignorance Deserves Death, which has been on hiatus since March 2005 after starting a new musical project. His first solo musical release was "One Man Boy Band" in 2004. It features artwork by Ferris and thirteen songs with an ecclectic accoustic bent. In 2005, he released "ACEP," an 8 song EP with studio recorded tracks, demos, a collaboration with Chris Goodwin, and a song pieced from an extended drunken improvised rant around his living room. He has been working on a new album since around 2005.

Potoroo has a University degree in theatre and history from the University of Guelph. He joined the Toronto furry community in 1998. He began planning furry events around theatrical productions he acted in, wrote or directed in 1999, and also helped found and maintain the Guelph Furry Breakfast, a popular event which was included in the Toronto Furry community based on its proximity to Toronto. Since moving to Toronto in 2003, he has focused on planning events in Toronto, as well as recording his albums and helping co-ordinate Camp Feral.

He has finished Recording Arts Management program at Harris Institute for the Arts and, among other things, interned at Universal Music Canada in the summer of 2010. He now does digital marketing and video promotion for new and established recording artists in Toronto. Since graduation, Potoroo has been invited back to guest lecture at Harris, and was scheduled to talk (in 2013?) at a 'Social Media and Digital Marketing' bootcamp panel at KOICon, a music conference in Kitchener, Ontario.

In 2010, he was Guest of Honour at Condition: Zero Hour (the first Condition convention) in London, Ontario. In February 2013, he was Guest of Honour at Brazil's furry convention, Abando followed by a week of living with members of the São Paulo furry community. In April 2014, he was a guest of honour at Wild Nights 2014, a camping convention held in Oklahoma. In 2015, Potoroo was invited to be a musical Guest of Honour at two conventions: FurryCon in New York (in New York) in May and Fangcon 2015 in November.[1]

Now performing as Roo, he is returning to his career in music, managed by Really Tall Unicycle Entertainment in 2010. He reunited with his former bandmate, Ryan McLarnon, and performed at Bread and Circus on April 1, 2010, his first show in Toronto since 1996. His latest[when?] project, B-Folk, has him writing songs in tribute to low-budget films for the No-Budget Nightmares podcast. He released the first collection of songs, B-Folk: Volume One, in July 2014. Volume Two is expected in Spring 2015.

Potoroo has a great fondness for Falstaff and the colour pink.

In March 2012, he and Timbehr launched Bookshelf Bear, a Canadian bookseller of anthropomorphic literature. They work closely with Sofawolf to distribute their catalogue at conventions and online (as of March 2013), with the goal of encouraging and helping to distribute Canadian furry authors.

In November 2012, he launched a podcast, Fuzzy Notes, which features music created by furries. By March of 2015, he had produced over 85 episodes featuring more than 125 artists and 350 songs.


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