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VancouFur 2017 was the sixth instance of the VancouFur convention. It was held over March 9-12, 2017,[1] at The Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.[2]

The convention's theme was "Space Station Zebra".[1] The Artist Guest of Honor was Kappy Rayne, the Community Spotlight was Sixel, the Writer Guest of Honor was Lawrence M. Schoen, the Fursuit Guest of Honor was Dancing Duke/Oz_Kangaroo and a new Guest of Honor title of "Fandom Guest of Honor" featured Potoroo.[3]

The event's art show was cancelled two months before the convention, subsequent to the resignation of key staff in October.[4]

VancouFur 2017 saw 941 attendees[5], including 205 fursuiters.[6] The convention's charity was O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, for which $3,166 was raised.[7]

Dance Competition[edit]

The winners of the VancouFur 2017 dance competition were:[8]

  • First Place: Haurbus
  • Second Place: Rollie
  • Third Place: Popsicle

Floor Wars[edit]

A new dance panel started up this year, called "Floor Wars".[clarify] The winners were as follows:

  • First Place: Drift (In Suit)
  • Second Place: Ro3 (Non Suit)
  • Third Place: Yu Puffin (In Suit)
  • Fourth Place: Haurbus (Non suit)


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