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The Good Furry Award is an annual prize given to furries who represent the spirit of the furry fandom.

Debuting in 2019, it is administered by Grubbs Grizzly on the Ask Papabear website, nominations are received by furries and then a selection of the best nominations are put up to a vote.

The winner receives a cash prize and a crystal trophy; three honorable mentions also receive trophies. Anyone in the furry community is eligible for the prize without regard to age, sex, gender, race, religion, or nationality, with the exception of the administrator and anyone else who might assist the administrator.

In 2022, Grubbs added a new category: The Lifetime Achievement Award. The award goes to a furry who has been active in the fandom for at least 25 years and has made outstanding contributions that have profoundly impacted the fandom. Unlike the main Good Furry Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by a committee and not by popular vote.



The winner of the first award was Tony Barrett (Dogbomb), who won posthumously (the prize was sent to his brother and the money was donated to the ALS Foundation in his name), and honorable mentions were Aleshka Alejandra, Noelle White (Wyld), and Matt VanNest.


The winner of the second annual award is Ash Coyote who won for her series of YouTube videos Ask Ash, that promote and inform about the furry fandom.

Honorable mentions went to Aleshka Alejandra, who is the first repeat winner, Hunter Fusky' and Courtney "Nuka" Plante.


The third ever winner of the award was Cassidy Civet (CassidyTheCivet)[1], becoming the second trans winner in a row, as well as the first winner to have previously written to the column Grubbs runs. She was also the first Person of color (POC) furry to win, as well as the first Canadian and the youngest winner.

Honorable mentions went to Kitwana Lion, Paco Panda and VinceWuff. Nominations for the 2021 award were opened in January 2021 and voting was during the entire month of May.


The Fourth Annual Good Furry Award was presented live at Biggest Little Fur Con and broadcast on Bearly Furcasting. The first place winner is Soatok Dhole (Soatok Dreamseeker} for their fundraising efforts that saved a library in Ridgeland, Mississippi from losing all its funding because it carried LGBTQIA+ books. Honorable mentions went to Adler the Eagle (Adler the Eagle}, Splitz the Dutchie, and Xusho Wolf (Xusho Wolf).

This was the first year that a Lifetime Achievement Award was presented for a furry who has been involved in the fandom for over 25 years and has made significant contributions. Mark Merlino (Mark Merlino) and Rod O'Riley (Rod O'Riley) won jointly for establishing the first furry convention, Confurence 0, as well as for their work on Califur, the Prancing Skiltair Party, and the online furry entertainment news service In-Fur-Nation.


The Fifth Annual Good Furry Awards will be presented on YouTube (TBA) but are now on the Ask Papabear website. The first place winner is Kite's Windswept Wanderings [1] for their extensive work promoting the fandom in a positive way on their YouTube channel and elswhere. Honorable mentions went to Chise (Chise} for their work in Covid-19 research and for getting the word out on the importance of vaccinations, TygerCowboy (aka Papa Woof Roth) (TygerCowboy} for examplary work as a director of Memphit Fur Meet and for supporting the St. Louis furry community, and Beeton Nukicoon (Beeton) for volunteer work at cons, running a YouTube channel, and being supportive of artists and other furries.

his was the second year that a Lifetime Achievement Award, which is presented to a furry who has been involved in the fandom for over 25 years and has made significant contributions. Reed Waller (Reed Waller) won for co-creating the first furry APA, Vootie (Vootie}, and for his seminal furry comic book, Omaha the Cat Dancer (Omaha the Cat Dancer}.


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