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Alflor Aalto

Alflor Aalto is a furry writer who lives in Connecticut, U.S.A. [1]. His fursona is a North American river otter, which is something he decided long before joining the furry fandom or his awareness of its existence. Back then, Alflor was (as he still is) in love with the Redwall series. As a result, Alflor had gained both his fascination with anthropomorphism and love for otters.

Alflor joined the furry fandom in spring 2010 [2], and he was a special guest at Califur 7. He has since published several furry novels and written several others which are available both on SoFurry and Fur Affinity. He has written a number of short stories as well. Three of them are available online, and one was printed in ROAR Vol. 4.

In his spare time, Alflor loves to ski, mountain bike and swim. He is an avid ukulele player and con attendee, attending both furry and non-furry conventions.

Since then, he has largely abandoned this fursona, and has more recently amassed a large Twitter following as a fursuiter named Ziggy.


  1. The Prince of Knaves (2012) - Rabbit Valley Comics
  2. The Streets of His City and Other Stories (2012) - Rabbit Valley Comics
  3. Sarin Barneby and All the King's Jewels (2012) - Various eBook formats
  4. Stories From Elton High (2013) - Rabbit Valley Comics
  5. The Mystic Sands (May 2013) - Rabbit Valley Comics

Short Stories[edit]

  1. Crooked Pictures (2012) - ROAR Vol. 4
  2. Stasis (2011) - SoFurry and Fur Affinity
  3. All's Well That Ends (2011) - SoFurry and Fur Affinity
  4. Comeback Kid (2011) - SoFurry and Fur Affinity


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