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This article is about the fursuiter. For the similarly-named convention-chair of Furlandia, see Atso Fox.
Atsu at the FWA Dance Competition.

Atsu Fawx (born March 23, 1992) (a.k.a Blake) is a fursuiter who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA [1][2]. His fursona is a fox, and his fursuit was constructed by One Eyed Doe [3].

Atsu's main hobby is dancing. He is one of the founding creators of the dancerfurs community group on Fur Affinity,[3]. He was winner of the Fursuit Dance Competition at AC 2012 [4], and FWA 2016 [5]. He also is an admin of Last-Fur-One and started a dance crew called Furternity.

Atsu was a guest of honor at Furry Fiesta 2018 [6].


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