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AlbinoTopaz performing as Tayerr at Anthrocon 2014

AlbinoTopaz, also known as AlbinoTayerr or just Tayerr (born April 26), is an artist, fursuiter, dancer, and fursuit maker who lives in Arizona, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

AlbinoTopaz is best known for her character Tayerr, and her dancing routine at numerous furry conventions.[2]

She owns Zweitesich', a fursuit making business established in 2019.


All of her fursuits' names end with two "r"s, and have a Z' with a frowny face marking.

  • Tayerr: A male, mostly black, pharaoh hound with white, green, and grey fur markings. He is based on an original character of AlbinoTopaz's named Salemn Tayerr. There are currently four known versions of this suit;
Tayerr 1.0 - The first version of AlbinoTopaz's Tayerr suits. This suit was made on an unknown date, but it was said to be made "5 years ago"[3] in 2012, so the date of 2007 can be inferred. The whereabouts of this fursuit and whether it was refurbished and sold or just retired is unknown.
Tayerr 2.0 - V.2.0 was made at an unknown date, but was posted on Tumblr as early as 2011.[4]. The suit was sold to Raptor_Turtle24 at an unknown date, and renamed Zeek. This fursuit has since been retired with a 2.0 of its own.
Tayerr 3.0 - V.3.0 was made sometime around 2011-2012, first posted about it in 2012.[5] He was retired around 2014, and in 2017 he was refurbished and put up for auction.[6] He was sold to Raver Neonlight and renamed Tyler.[7] The suit now belongs to TwilightSaint.
Tayerr 4.0 - V.4.0 was made in April 2014[8] and debuted in June 2014.[9] He is the current version of Tayerr's suit and it is unknown whether he will be refurbished, retired, or remade any time soon.
  • Lamarr: A male, mostly light grey, angry deer with black, white, and orange markings. He is AlbinoTopaz's third character suit. There are currently 2 known versions of this suit.
Lamarr 1.0: Lamarr 1.0 was made at an unknown date but was first posted sometime in 2013.[10] He was officially retired and sold in 2019, where he was refurbished and sold to Raver Neonlight, who renamed him Zander.[11]
Lamarr 2.0: Lamarr 2.0 was made in October 2021.[12] He is the current version of Lamarr's suit and it is unknown whether he will be refurbished, retired, or remade any time soon.
  • Alexanderr: A male, grey monster with black markings. Alexanderr has one eye and an X where the other should be. He's often seen wearing vests and jackets. He is AlbinoTopaz's fourth character suit. He was sold to Rykercollie in 2022.
  • Tarr: A male, mostly light grey, horse with white and dark grey markings. He is AlbinoTopaz's fifth character suit. His suit was made by Skypro Fursuits.


  • Bieberr: Name based on Canadian singer :Justin Bieber, there are 2 known versions of this suit. it was originally AlbinoTopaz's second character suit, but he was sold as a "Lavender Corgi" in 2015 to InkedFocus, who renamed it to "Jay B". Version 2.0 was made in 2019. Both versions of the suit are owned by Not.A.Ratt.
  • Pastel Patrol (Grün, Gelb, Blau, and Lila): Four jackal/chupacabra hybrid suits made for friends of AlbinoTopaz. All of their names are German for the colors they're designed with. All three suits were made in 2013.
  • Tyron: Originally named Plox. Another suit made for a friend of AlbinoTopaz's, Smaxburr. Tyron is a black bear with red, white, and yellow markings. The date this suit was made is currently unknown.
  • Thrasher: Originally named Carbon. A Costume head collab with her and CarbonJeep, who had won her auction in 2017. It's a costume head with the appearance of a maned wolf fused with a jeep design. The suit was traded to Not.A.Ratt in 2020.


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