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VancouFur 2016 conbook covers. Artwork by Onnanoko, Soulscape (credited as "Thea"), Katsuke Saito (credited as "Katsuke"), Temrin, Davecko and Rhari. (credits in order they appeared in conbook credits)

VancouFur 2016 was be the fifth instance of the VancouFur convention. It was held over March 3-6, 2016,[1] at The Executive Airport Plaza Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

The convention's theme was "Atlantis".[1] The Artist Guest of Honor was Onnanoko, the DJ Guest of Honor was Recca, and the Local Spotlight was on Thea AKA Soulscape.[2]

VancouFur 2016 saw 810 attendees,[3] including 171 fursuiters.[3] The convention's charity was the O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society,[4] for which was raised $1750.[3]


Cekuba was elected as chair for the 2016 convention. Trapa was elected vice chair for the 2016 convention.

GOH Dinner Cake[edit]

2016 was the third year a local non-furry artist was brought on to create a GOH Dinner cake. Mother to one of the staff, and a furry ally, Julie ( created a themed cake for 2016.

Syrian refugees[edit]

At time VancouFur 2016 was being held, the hotel was also housing several Syrian family refugees. There was concern that the furry fandom would be a "culture shock" for the Syrians that recently arrived in the country, and attendees (particularly fursuiters) was asked to to be sensitive and careful around them. In the end a great time was held by all, with the Syrian children enjoying the costumes and fursuiters having a good time entertaining them.[5]


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