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Ross Herbert Reddick
(Clackamas County Jail's booking photo)

Evil Sibe, formerly Sibe, Sibe Husky, Sibe D. Evil, and as Sibe Roo on FurNation Worlds (real name: Ross Herbert Reddick), is an American furry fan.

Fandom involvement

Evil Sibe's fursona. Art by HMO.

Evil Sibe is a member of the furry community who has participated in various furry newsgroups, image boards, social media sites, and multiplayer online role-playing games.

He is a the owner and moderator of the furry subreddit /r/yiff,[1] plus a mod on the related subreddits Yiff Comics and Hard Blush Site Rips. He was a moderator on Lulz.net.[citation needed] Evil Sibe likes to attend furry conventions, although he has been banned from a number of them.


Evil Sibe's chosen avatar is a Siberian Husky, the dog breed from which he derived his original handle ("Sibe").

Convention attendance

(*) He was present at Conifur Northwest 2004 with the approval of the convention committee.[2]
(**) Panelist


Trolling, warez and bans

Evil Sibe's intents of con bans' "workarounds"
Evil Sibe, by WhiteWolf.
Evil Sibe, by Chris Goodwin.
Evil Sibe, by Dark Natasha.

Evil Sibe gained widespread infamy[3][4] in the furry fandom due to his uncivil demeanor towards other fandom members,[5] and his illegal distribution of the copyrighted works of furry artists through the early 2000s.[6]

Although banned from several furry conventions, this has not prevented him from trying to continue to attend them, and allegedly, "Cause more problems".


  • September 8, 1998 - Evil Sibe makes his first post onto the alt.lifestyle.furry newsgroup. The posting was about the first Conifur that occurred at the Seattle Clarion Hotel in SeaTac, Washington, USA. Claims were made in regards to Sibe's perceived discrimination against him for not wearing enough furry related things at Conifur.[7]
  • January 19, 1999 - Evil Sibe makes his first post in alt.fan.furry, again critical of the furry fandom for his treatment,[clarify] and launching attacks on furry lifestylers.[8]
  • October 3, 2001 - Killen alleges that Evil Sibe's disagreements with him resulted in the flooding of #northUKfurs on Yiffnet by Evil Sibe's associates.[9] Evil Sibe has stated that although he has attacked other IRC channels in the past, he did not attack this one.[citation needed] Some instances of IRC downtime have been misattributed to Evil Sibe in the past, for example an attack on #dragonyiff on FurNet that was led by Something Awful goons.
  • June 16, 2005 - Evil Sibe was featured on ljdrama.org for "sibeing" ("screwing up/f*cking with") Munchie the kitsune after he traveled cross country to find what he thought was an older woman turned out to be a 14 year old boy. Evil Sibe made a crank call with all of the parties involved.[10][11]


  • (date unknown) - Evil Sibe is permanently banned from Further Confusion.
  • 200? - Evil Sibe (as Sibe), was toaded from Tapestries MUCK on numerous occasions, initially due to harassment towards other players, and his advertisement of his pirated furry CDs, later compounded by organizing a DDoS on the MUCK server itself. According to WhiteWizard:
Evil Sibe
Nobody comes close to Sibe [on toading]. Sibe is how we find out about all the new free-mail sites.[12]
Evil Sibe
  • September 13, 2004 - Evil Sibe (as EvilSibe), is permanently banned from the Something Awful's forums. This was prompted due sarcastic comments made towards Something Awful's owner and System administrator Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka during the Brian Sek and The Kadaitcha Dancers's "I'm being stalked by furries" thread.[clarify]
  • May 10, 2005 - Evil Sibe is permanently banned from FranFurence by Ozone Griffox[13][14] as a "principle ban" in "solidarity" to all the furry artists that got their furry art "pirated by Sibe" — despite Evil Sibe having no intention to attend the convention.
  • July 18, 2005 - Evil Sibe (as evilsibe), is suspended from LiveJournal for posting an image from the peer-to-peer file sharing website The Pirate Bay, which linked to the "'fxc' encyclopedia 2004" file, a torrent containing 9.55 Gigabytes of copyrighted furry art, including the works of Ken Sample, Karabiner, Grimal, FoxxFire, and many more. When he tried created a new Livejournal to circumvent the suspension, he was permanently banned. He later moved to GreatestJournal.com, where his tag-line was sibeing the fandom one wag at a time.
  • January 13, 2006 - Evil Sibe is served with a restraining order through Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, the parent non-profit corporation of Further Confusion, which effectively made all grounds of the San Jose Doubletree, the hotel hosting FC 2006, off limits to Evil Sibe, under penalty of immediate arrest, along with already being permanently banned from the event. The timing of the restraining order (starting on the 20th), was such that he was not able to contest it until February 2, 2006, well after the convention was over. The result was that he did not attend the convention, despite suggestions from others[who?] that he was present, and in contrast to previous years (in which Evil Sibe had been banned, but still attended).
  • May 28, 2007 - Evil Sibe is permanently banned from the Fur Affinity Forums.
  • August 17, 2007 - Evil Sibe reports that he is banned from FurJAM 2007 — assuming due to his promotion of a pirated copy of Softpaw #2 — despite having no intention to go to Australia for the event. This ban turned out to be forgery, the sent e-mail being a doctored version of one the organizers of FurJAM sent to Australian furry fan Timon b. Who forwarded the mail to Evil Sibe, and at what point Evil Sibe's name appeared on it, are unclear, but Evil Sibe's publicizing of it had the effect of flooding the FurJAM forums and polls.[citation needed] The number of votes in the polls[clarify] went from fifteen to over 100 in a period of 2 days, and as such sections of the site were closed.
Evil Sibe and Anthrocon's ban
  • June 26, 2008 - Evil Sibe is permanently banned from Anthrocon.
  • May 9, 2009 - Evil Sibe is banned from All Fur Fun, a furry convention in Spokane, Washington, USA. The reason given appears to be due to him mistakingly defaming Lupercus, head of security of All Fur Fun, for someone else he has had issues with in the past. These events occurred after Tora Kiyoshi, one of the convention co-chairs, convinced other members of the AFF staff to let him attend.


The FXC Encyclopedia, The Pirate Bay, and Evil Sibe
  • November 9, 2001 - Nexxus temporarily closed the furry image gallery, FurNation,[15] allegedly as the result of Evil Sibe's Furnation's copyrighted art. The distribution was coordinated on the iRC channel #yiffnetbeats on Yiffnet, where Evil Sibe and others offered linked files for download (the channel was initially designed to be a furry theme MP3 sharing channel). Nexxus' post about the infraction caused a spike in traffic on the channel, with over 50 users in one night, and 5 Gigabytes distributed in 8 hours by one seeding user alone.
  • November 9, 2003 - Evil Sibe hosts [fxc]'s (Furries Exchanging Comics), his furry warez group, on izon.net's #furryxdcc, were they released their first pirated material, including Furnation Magazine 1-4 , Fred Perry's folios and Max The Black Rabbit's Canine Portfolio. The group proclaimed that they "were the premier group for scanning in commercial furry content". At one point he initiated a furry warez BitTorrent tracker up on www.f-x-c.net, which saw 3,000 individuals sign up world wide to download torrents of scanned furry comics, retail art CD's and portfolios from the top furry artists in the fandom.
  • August 30, 2004 - Rabco Publishing (Rabbit Valley) files a claim against Evil Sibe in Waltham, Massachusetts's small claims court for $2,000 in damages for replication and distribution of copyrighted material. These damages were awarded on 14 December 2004, and Evil Sibe is ordered to pay a total of $2,109.70 including legal fees and interest.[citation needed]
  • January 24, 2005 - A warrant is issued for Evil Sibe's arrest by the trial court of Waltham, Massachusetts, for failure to appear to the payment hearing from his default judgment against him by Rabbit Valley Publishing.[citation needed]

Other (furry)

  • September 9/10, 2005 - Evil Sibe announces the possibility of his imminent arrest:
Evil Sibe
As of right now the Bellevue Police department is outside of my house serving a search warrant on my home, I cannot go anywhere and at any moment I could be arrested
Evil Sibe

In the post, he suggested[citation needed] that Rabco Publishing was behind this development, takes some jabs at Nexxus, and ends it by professing his love for his family and thanking his friends for being there for him. The reactions of his friends are mixed, with a few[who?] believing the post is a prank, to those[who?] who believed it to be factual, wondering what they can do to help.

It's these last reactions that forces Evil Sibe to admit that the whole thing was "a gag and Im allright.[sic]" Again, reaction to this admission is mixed: from the "I knew it, Lol!," to the "How dare you deceive your friends that care for you!." For the last ones, Evil Sibe had a simple response:

Evil Sibe
Fuck em if they cant take a joke then
Evil Sibe
  • July 7, 2008 - Evil Sibe announced that he would file charges against WikiFur and GreenReaper for violating breach of privacy laws and refusing to remove "fraudulent defamatory and damaging remarks" about him.[16]
  • August 31, 2014 - Evil Sibe uploads the infamous music video All The Single Furries! on his YouTube alt account "Stinky Skusky". He also advertised his reddit links under the description for the video. The music video, which was originally produced by EZwolf [17] is considered to be one of the most hated things to come out of the Furry community, with over 70,000 dislikes as of December 2018.[18]


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