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Author(s) Owners: cho0b
Launch date * Early summer 2006 - July 24, 2006 (as WTFur)
  • August 25, 2006 - November 30, 2006 (as
  • January 7, 2006 - present (as
End date Ongoing
Genre 2ch style art community
Web NC-17 (formerly known as WTFur) is a 2ch style art community for the posting of erotic furry art, and populated with former members from the /furi/ board on WTFux.

  • Motto:
    • "Furry art discussion and critique" (2006)
    • "You messed with me!" (2007)

Policies and content[edit]

This board does not feature a Do Not Post list, though polite takedown requests from said people are usually heeded (impolite or impatient takedown requests from artists are often disregarded). However, due to pressure from furry artist Jeremy Bernal, who has filed repeated DMCA takedown notices for WTFur,[citation needed] posting of his art or other media from is considered a bannable offense.

As it was with WTFux, its main furry directory image is a singular topical board called /furi/. This allows all manner of media topics to be displayed, ranging from clean art to adult material, to straight to gay sexual content, to vore, scat and cub art, all posted side-by-side, in additon of various shock images, often not related to furry or zoophilia.

Because of this, there have been several requests by users to subdivide this master board into smaller categories, using a model similar to other imageboards such as Fchan. The official stance of the moderation team is that requests of this nature will be ignored, and when questioned about this decision, ex-moderator Mellis responded:
People are going to bitch [about images] with or without separated boards, because there are a lot of people who are thin-skinned or just like to argue or be 'category zealots'. Personally, I would rather deal with ONE board where people are complaining about what should and should not be posted, than seven or eight or however fine you want to subdivide categories - Mellis


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