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FurNation Magazine #10

FurNation Magazine was an anthology of furry art, comics, and stories published by FurNation. The first issue, published in July 2000, included comics by K-9, WerePuppy, and Wookiee, and an exclusive story: "Caligula on the Caribbean" by Razee. The tenth and final issue was published in June 2008.[1]

The magazine was scheduled to release a new issue every Anthrocon and Further Confusion. The format from issue 8 going forward was three comics of eight to twelve pages each, one text story with or without illustrations and a gallery with several pinups by a featured artist.

There were 1000 copies of issues 1 to 8 produced, with volumes 1-5 having a reprint of 500 copies each. Issues 9 and 10 were produced after the publishing company, FurPlanet, was sold so exact figures for those issues are not available. In total over 10,500 copies were sold, possibly making this the highest selling publication to date in the Furry Fandom.


Currently all issues of the magazine are out of print.

Issue # 1[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2000
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Wookiee
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 1 by Werepuppy, Hitting the Showers part 1 by Wookiee, Malt Assault by K-9, Caligula on the Caribbean by Razee

Issue # 2[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2001
  • Pages: 52
  • Cover Art: Werepuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 2 by Werepuppy, Passion in the Dessert by Jes, Virtual Intimacy by Ian Rain Soulfox, Wolf Spirits by Wookiee, The Wanderer part 1 by Krahnos, Yuletide Gift by James Clapton

Issue # 3[edit]

  • Release Date: March 2003
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Werepuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 3 by Werepuppy, Prey for Me by Chris Sawyer, The Wanderer part 2 by Krahnos, A Trick of the Light by FuzzWolf

Issue # 4[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2003
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: DemonPuppy
  • Contents: Fur and Fury part 4 by Werepuppy, Lioness by DemonPuppy, Hitting the Showers part 2 by Ferris and Wookiee, Rocketship Rodents part 0 by Trejaan and Werepuppy, Cheetah by Demonpuppy, Through the Dark Room by Marcelius Minotaur

Issue # 5[edit]

Issue # 6[edit]

Issue # 7[edit]

Issue # 8[edit]

  • Release Date: January 2007
  • Pages: 48
  • Cover Art: Valchev
  • Contents: Initiation by Helmeet El Gato, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 2 by Ringtail Cafe, The Fall of Captain Triumph by Cyberklaw, The Encounter by Kadath, Gallery Feature: Grrrwolf

Issue # 9[edit]

  • Release Date: July 2007
  • Pages: 60
  • Cover Art: Grrrwolf and David Lillie
  • Contents: Fishing by artdecade, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 3 by Ringtail Cafe, Dreamkeepers by David Lillie, A Constellation of Black on Black part 1 by Alex Vance, Gallery Feature: Kadath

Issue # 10[edit]

  • Release Date: June 2008
  • Pages: 86
  • Cover Art: Kadath
  • Contents: Necromancy by Kadath, New Hire Orientation by Bayson, Giving In by NecroDrone and Kadath, T.A.K.: The Case of the Dancing Doe part 4 by Ringtail Cafe, Displaced by Raziel and Kadath, Pulled Over by FuzzWolf and Obsidian Obelisk, A Constellation of Black on Black part 2 by Alex Vance, Bonus CD: Cars and Waves of Bliss (M4D Alternate Lyrics) by Sub-level 03


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