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Tora Kiyoshi, now known as TK-9Lives, or more casually as simply TK, is a fursuiter and was a staff member of the now defunct furry convention, All Fur Fun. At this time, he does not participate with any local furry groups. He discovered furry while living in Spokane in 2001 and sought out the local furry community. He did not meet any local furs, though, until he was introduced to a mutual friend who introduced him to the newly born All Fur Fun. He has, over time, sought to participate with local furry activities, and also served on the board of directors as they worked to revive All Fur Fun, but he has otherwise not become a member of any Washington furry groups.

In 2016, TK became an ordained minister in the American Baptist Church. In Spokane, he served at Calvary Baptist Church, which was the oldest, predominantly African-American, congregation in the state of Washington. He also participated in Kendo at the Spokane Kendo Club, and ran with the Flying Irish Running Club. TK has been known on occasion to run in fursuit.

Recently, he moved to Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

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