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This page is about the furry web hosting and social networking site. There is also a Russian furry gallery known as FurNation.ru.
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Author(s) * Owners: Reyedog, Trun
Launch date 22 November 1996 - 23 May 2009
25 May 2009
23 December 2009 - 10 December 2015
1 May 2016
Genre Social Network
Social Network: PG-13, user websites: Unrated

FurNation was a website specializing in furry social networking, and content sharing. On 8 December 2009, the site was shut down by its owner, Nexxus. The site was reborn as a Ning-hosted community on 23 December under the control of Reyedog. Hosted sites were restored at the start of February 2010.[1] As of June 2010 it had over 7000 registered members.

As of late November 2010, it served a self-hosted furry social network containing galleries, music and video upload, forums, and chat. On December 10, 2015, SYSTEM updated the www.furnation.com domain to a page explaining why it was now too cost-prohibitive to relaunch the site. (for more see History section)

On 2016 January 10, FurNation launched a crowd-funding at GoFundMe.[2]

As of May 2016, FurNation was back online, but once again shut down in 2017.

As of Mar 2020, FurNation was back online as FurNation Reborn[3], hosting art only.

FurNation operated FurPlanet, a small adult-oriented comic publishing unit/online store, producing titles such as FurNation Magazine until FurPlanet was purchased by FuzzWolf in March 2008.


FurNation is a major establishment in the online furry community, providing a centralized location in which to find a variety of furry related content. In that time FurNation had gained not only a name for being a major player in furry information, art, and stories, but also a reputation for its periodic downtime. Some of these times have been relatively short, while others have been quite a bit longer. Because of this, many who maintained web space on FurNation also have another website.

Second Life and Furnation[edit]

FurNation Worlds was ran by Corsi Mousehold from December of 2009, till May of 2013. At it's largest point, there were fourteen sims, FurNation Alpha, Dragon, Dystopia, Fusion, Gryphon, Hell, Heroes, Noosphere Prime, Phoenix, Polaris, Prime, Purgatory, Vista, and Zagerion Forest.

As of June 1, 2013, FurNation in Second Life was reopened and new management (directed by Inferniel Solvang) took over the project. FurNation Prime is back online and previous management was let go. New management was installed using the new FurNation Administration group, and includes some of the staff from the Social Network side of FurNation.

Game server[edit]

As of 2011, FurNation has a Minecraft server at minecraft.furnation.com

In April 2012, the Minecraft server was shut down.


Main article: History of FurNation

2015 closure[edit]

On December 10, 2015, SYSTEM updated www.furnation.com into a webpage explaining why it was now too cost-prohibitive to relaunch the site after a major DDoS attack in August of the same year, followed by the message (this is the last few paragraphs):

"It is time, after 20 years, for FurNation to close shop. There are MANY other furry based websites out there, and some of them are really impressive (hear that furrynetwork.com). I will refund all the donations we have received since we started taking them again a few months ago when I transfer the funds back into my primary account. I will simply do a return charge on all of them.

I have locked the FurNation.com domain name (and some other derivatives of that name that I own) into escrow for 20 years. After that the names will be free for someone else to use. The present temporary server will be online till the end of this month to host this page then I shall move this page to a free hosting provider so it can remain for other to read in the future.

RIP FurNation. I hope you will be missed and remembered fondly for all the friends you have brought together over the years. FurNation was one of the first furry based sites on the web, but it will not be the last.

FurNation – November 1996 to November 2015



In 2016, the site reopened temporarily. Due to loss of several users after the 2015 DDOS attack, the Site Administrator SYSTEM has anounced and Excecuted Furnation's official shut-down in Febuary 2017.

In 2020 artists Logansryche and PandaJenn brought FurNation back online as FurNation Reborn as the art archive it use to be. The site remains at it's domain furnationreborn.com [4]


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