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Con Badge of RuheMaus

RuheMaus (born 1978) was once the owner of the Golden Lash, a BDSM club on Tapestries. His character is Ruhe, a mouse who is a self-proclaimed "gentleman's dominant". Proudly Jewish, RuheMaus runs the FurryJews mailing list. He also created Maus's Law, a furry answer to Godwin's Law, and helped build Caballo Isle, a pirate-themed roleplay area on FurryMUCK.

The character[edit]

Ruhe is a quiet and modest mouse. In a roleplay in the fictional city of Layleaux, he has taken control of the sewers of Tapestries with aid from the Bloody Rats, nests of rabid rats that Ruhe controls.

The player[edit]


RuheMaus is a proponent of creating "child-safe zones" at furry conventions, with the belief that doing so will help prevent younger furries, or young children of adult furries, from being exposed to harmful material at conventions. In a similar vein, he strongly dislikes ageplay, and had discouraged its practice in the Golden Lash as far as possible.

He also attempts to help out other furries who are homeless, having himself been homeless in the past.

He is married in real life and is employed as a pastry chef.

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