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Karabiner, also known as Notobuko, Nobuhiko Abe, ABE, and DEN, is a Japanese furry artist known for his attention to media detail and color.


His first works were of futuristic military furries, and genetically created Nekomimi ('cat ears') catgirls. As his artwork grew, it included more diverse topics that soon grew to include fanart of Digimon and expanding the concepts of anthropomorphic characters. He has drawn several of Ken Singshow's Andorozon characters.

He announced his desire to further expand his art skills, and subsequently dropped his original drawing technique (whether temporarily or permanently is unknown) in favor for 3D rendering. His latest compilation cd, KARABINER ART CD 2010, contains a combination of both.

On April 1st 2019, he made an announcement on his website that he had deleted all of his works hosted there in favor to start from scratch with new inspiration.

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