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All Fur Fun
Status Dicontinued
First iteration March 30 to Sunday April 1, 2007
Final iteration May 15-17, 2009
Organizer(s) Moorcat
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: All Fur Fun resources
All Fur Fun (edit)
All Fur Fun 2007
All Fur Fun 2008
All Fur Fun 2009
All Fur Fun 2010

All Fur Fun staff
All Fur Fun guests of honor

All Fur Fun was a furry convention that was first held from Friday March 30 to Sunday April 1, 2007 at the Ridpath Hotel in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. All Fur Fun 2008 took place April 18-20, 2008, at the same location, with attendance of 165. All Fur Fun 2009 took place at the Mirabeau hotel.

All Fur Fun arose after the permanent cancellation of Conifur Northwest. As part of the cancellation, Conifur Northwest assets were donated to All Fur Fun. All Fur Fun was chaired by Moorcat.


  • Executive Director- Sean Ravencraft (Moorcat)

Board of Directors[edit]

Officers of AFF[edit]

  • President - Moorcat
  • Vice President - Curio Draco (resigned)
  • Secretary - Tora Kiyoshi
  • Treasurer - Zinnthra
  • Public relations - Syber-wolf (fired)
  • Web design - (vacant)
  • Business manager - Kataan (resigned)

2011 cancellation[edit]

All Fur Fun 2010 was cancelled, announced reasons: "a good deal of drama among staff, missed meetings ect and the biggest reason, no non profit license yet, prevent us from having a con this year".[1]

The Board of Directors vice-chair Kataan resigned in February 2010.[2]

Activity for All Fur Fun died down since the 2010 cancellation, and no information for All Fur Fun was posted to the website since mid-2010. In March 2011, Dilly commented "unless those who are the board can figure out a way to do it. AFF is Dead. [3]

However, there have been reports that All Fur Fun may be returning after it's 2 year hiatus in 2012. According to the Main site,, Jinxxy will be the new vice chair.

The All Fur Fun website is currently off-line and has been taken over by another site. There has been no official news of AFF's continuation since the announcement on March 15 201?.[clarify]

SpokAnthro 2019[edit]

After nearly a decade since the demise of All Fur Fun, a different and newer convention, SpokAnthro, has since then taken the spot as the ongoing furry convention in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A..


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