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Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. (AAE, Inc. or just AAE) is the non-profit (501c3)[1] parent organization for the furry convention Further Confusion.


AAE is responsible for choosing the chairman for each year's Further Confusion, and for overseeing the budget and year-to-year operations.

In the past, it supported both the Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository, a library dedicated to preserving the history of and educating scholars about the anthropomorphic fandom, and Furdance, a benefit dance benefiting Pet Therapy, a local charity.


Old Anthropomorphic Arts and Education's logo

Further Confusion's chair is traditionally invited to participate in convention-related board activities.


AAE has six members on its Board of Directors, which, as a whole, sets current FC's policy and makes all decisions about what events and activities they will support.

As of the end of Further Confusion 2024, the members of the AAE board of directors were:

Support staff[edit]

In addition, AAE has staff members who provide their expertise to the board on specific matters including:

Past members[edit]

AAE's former members of the board include:


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