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12"x12". Gouache, pencil.
2008 Tiger Haven Charity CD Label

Chris Goodwin is an artist whose mythically-fraught work often uses 'furry' themes. His methods range from straightforward illustration to elaborate, multilayered mixed-media pieces. He lives in Boston, graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a major in Illustration, and currently teaches art.

He was the artist guest of honour at C-ACE 2003.

His work is shown at various furry conventions and online. He did a lot of work for Ironclaw and Jadeclaw, including a cover or two. He did the front cover of Circles #2. He created the Pornography webcomic.

Chris used to go by the name "Paf!", years ago.

He makes music under the name Muleboy and has collaborated with other furry musicians, though generally there are no explicitly 'furry' references.

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