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Further Confusion staff
Further Confusion guests of honor
David von Foxkin and Byakko, fursuiters in the halls at Further Confusion 2007.

Further Confusion 2007 was the ninth annual Further Confusion, a furry convention. It was held from January 18 - 22, 2007, at the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California, U.S.A.

Standard registration cost $50 at the door, while sponsors paid $100 and patrons $200. Part of each registration ($15, $50 and $100 respectively) was a tax-deductible donation to Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc..

A total of $16,000 was donated to the two selected charities. $8,000 each went to Golden State Greyhounds and Stanislaus Wildlife Rehabilitation.


Further Confusion 2007 fursuit parade

The convention events included a dealers' den, Iron Artist, dances, and a fursuit parade in which at least 287 fursuiters participated.[1] 137 panels covered various topics such as writing, furry spirituality, and fursuiting. The official convention charities were the Golden State Greyhound Adoption and the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center. The art show sales and auctions amounted to $53,881.[2]

The finale of the Variety Show at Further Confusion 2007
Some of the fursuiters in the halls at Further Confusion 2007


The winners of the 2007 masquerade contest included:


The Executive Staff of Further Confusion 2007 [3] included:


Front cover of the conbook.

The conbook for Further Confusion 2007 is color thoroughout, 54 pages, with a front cover by Baron Engel and back cover by Smudge. It contains a message from the chair and vice-chair; the Code of Conduct; listings of staff, patrons and sponsors; description of the guests of honor and of events. It also includes three fiction pieces: "Morale" by Matthew Joseph Harrington, "Even Double Agents Need Days Off" by Renchan, and "The Crucible" by Kim Liu, illustrated by Dave Bryant. There is interior art by Baron Engel, Blue Tiger, Bill Fitts, Brian Reynolds, Daniel "Hoagiebot" Keller, Dook, DJ Mixer, Frank Gembeck, James L. Brandt, N, Shuik, Smudge, and Konrad.[4]


Further Confusion 2007 t-shirt.
A change to cash basis accounting meant forthcoming FC2008 costs were not counted as a liability for this year. This altered the balance compared to last year.

Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. started the year with $136268 in assets, including $74401 in cash (and temporary cash investments). They ended the year with $158712 in assets, including $90752 in cash. Liabilities were zero, making their gain/loss for the year $22444 ($16351 in cash), and their net balance $158712.

Their total revenue was $136018, of which $93275 was from memberships, $41068 was from donations and $1675 was from merchandise, after accounting for the cost of goods sold.

Their expenses came to $113574, of which $0 was for occupancy, $8192 for equipment rental and maintenance, $7827 for catering and $8965 for printing.

Source: Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. Form 990 (description) from Foundation Center
Note: These financials provide just a brief overview, and should be considered in context. Each convention has its own situation, which may change from year to year. Special events (like art shows) that are part of a charity's mission are usually run at a loss. Conventions typically have many other expenses which may come to far more than those listed. Check the source for further details.


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