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Further Confusion staff
Further Confusion guests of honor
The cover of the Further Confusion 2010 conbook.
FC 2010's Keycard

Further Confusion 2010 was the 12th annual Further Confusion furry convention held January 21 - 25, 2010, at the Fairmont San Jose hotel in San Jose, California.



Money will be raised for TherapyPets, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and NARF Animal Rescue.[2]

About the Guests of Honor[edit]

  • Michael Fry is an American cartoonist. He is known for his work in comic strips, including Committed and Over the Hedge, the latter of which is a collaboration with T. Lewis. Fry has also made an online animation called RingTales, which was nominated for a Webby Award in 2008. Fry was also the editorial cartoonist for the Houston Post in the 1990s.
  • Thomas Leslie Lewis III, mostly known as T. Lewis, is an American artist who has worked as a book illustrator. He received the National Cartoonist Society Book Illustration Award for 1999. He illustrates the comic strip Over the Hedge. Lewis worked for Disney on the Mickey Mouse comic books in the early '90s, where he met Mike Fry, his future collaborator on Over the Hedge.
  • Sofawolf Press is a privately owned and operated small press publisher creating and marketing a range of graphic arts and fiction publications, with a focus on animals both real and imagined. The products that they publish include full length novels, comic collections, short fiction anthologies and periodicals, and their "Artistic Visions" line of featured-artist sketch and commentary collections.
  • Ursula Vernon is a freelance writer, artist and illustrator. She is best known for the webcomic Digger and the children's book "Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew". Other works include a fantasy novel entitled Black Dogs, and the upcoming children's book Dragonbreath. Ursula is also the creator of the Biting Pear of Salamanca, a work which became an internet meme in the form of the "LOL WUT" pear. Ursula's cover for Best in Show won the 2003 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration. She was nominated for the 2006 Eisner Awards in the category Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for her work on Digger. She was also a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2004.

Hotel Deposit Jumble[edit]

In November 2009, several attendees found themselves struck with unexpected charges by the Fairmont hotel.[3] A one-night charge was noted in the hotel FAQ (under the title "Is there any penalty for cancellation of rooms?"[4]), but this policy was not clearly communicated to attendees, convention hotel liaison staff,[5] or the hotel's own front desk, and there was significant confusion about whether a deposit would be taken, or merely a charge in the event of a cancellation.[6][7][8] In some cases the entire stay was charged,[9][10][11] though many additional charges were refunded.[12] Some reported being hit with overdraft fees as a result of the charges.[13]


Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. started the year with $180988 in assets, including $117552 in cash (and temporary cash investments). They ended the year with $183825 in assets, including $105337 in cash. Liabilities were zero, making their gain/loss for the year $2837 ($-12215 in cash), and their net balance $183825.

Their total revenue was $173363, of which $120123 was from memberships, $55496 was from donations and $-2256 was from merchandise, after accounting for the cost of goods sold.

Their expenses came to $170491, of which $14284.9 was for occupancy, $28629 for equipment rental and maintenance, $29579.01 for catering and $10852 for printing.

Source: Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. Form 990 (description) from Foundation Center
Note: These financials provide just a brief overview, and should be considered in context. Each convention has its own situation, which may change from year to year. Special events (like art shows) that are part of a charity's mission are usually run at a loss. Conventions typically have many other expenses which may come to far more than those listed. Check the source for further details.


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