James L. Brandt

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James L. Brandt is a writer and illustrator based in Fox Valley, Illinois, U.S.A.. He is a greymuzzle at over fifty years old, and as of 2006 begun contributing to fanzines, amateur press associations and websites for the furry fandom. James has spent most of his career doing technical illustration and operating a CAD system for the transportation industry.

Brandt is the originator of adventurer Riddley Rabbit, a G-rated character meant for con book submissions. Actually created about twenty years ago as a cartoon gift to his wife, Riddley Rabbit has become his most published character, however James himself prefers adult-rated subjects.

James L. Brandt has been a contributing member to Rowrbrazzle, North American Fur and Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe. He got his first big break from Bernard Doove, creating illustrations and writing stories for South Fur Lands and The Chakat's Den website. Nominated for the Ursa Major Awards in 2011, Gene Breshears' story "A Safety Weasel Christmas" was illustrated by James Brandt. Brandt's work has also appeared in con books for Further Confusion and Anthrocon.

Produced by Bernard Doove, Brandt's first novelette, "Step Softly, Speak Strongly" is available on Amazon.com. His first CD of stories and illustrations in .pdf format, "Rikki Venix does New New York City" is available through Second Ed Mailorder from Ed Zolna.