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Perro (in Hip Hop) at Furry Connection North 2009.
Perro's Commission Page

Perro is a furry artist and fursuit maker, who lives in Roselle, Illinois, United States.


Perro first became interested in anthropomorphic animals at age fifteen, from watching cartoon characters and werewolves in the media. When he began to explore the internet, he discovered the already-established online furry community, and began conversing with other furs worldwide.

After taking a two-year break from the fandom, he returned in 2002, at which point he began to attend furry conventions and organize local meets in North Carolina.

In 2004, he moved from Charlotte, NC, to Chicago. Perro works in downtown Chicago, enjoys volunteering for Wolf Park, exploring the outdoors, sportbike riding, cycling, scuba diving, skiing, hockey, traveling, working on car audio projects and beer.

In 2006, Perro served as Assistant Programming Director at Midwest FurFest, took over as Programming Director for Midwest FurFest 2007 and became Chairman for Midwest FurFest 2012. He was Chairman through at least 2014, and became president of the convention's parent organization, Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc., in February 2016.[1]

Perro is usually found in IRC channels of Anthrochat, attends some of the events sponsored by the LAFF group, and frequently attends the following conventions:

He was a guest of honor at Furry Fiesta 2016.[2]


Perro's fursona is a canine (a "typical doggy mutt"). He has dark brown fur with tan highlights, and yellow-brown eyes. Perro has built a multiple fursuit versions of this character, and also owns five other personal costumes:[3]

  • Agouti (grey wolf)
  • Azul (black and blue wolf)
  • Cackle (hyena, partial fursuit)
  • Hip Hop (rabbit)
  • Diesel (doberman dog)

Other fursuits[edit]

Perro takes commissions for fursuits, and has constructed costumes for several characters including Lycrawolf's devilwuff (wolf), Faolan (wolf), Tango's "Rumba" (reverse-neon husky), D'artagnan (silver-phased red fox), TygerCowboy's "Tyger" wolf, Street (canine), and LeLoupFou (canine).



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