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Findra (real name Chris Sturtivant; born January 8, 1967, died October 9, 2011[1]), was a furry who found furry fandom in 1995, whilst a resident of Leicester, England. Moving to the USA, Findra became a MUCK wizard and server administrator for SpinDizzy, and Golden Realms MUCK (the latter in a non-executive role).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Findra was a regular member of the Further Confusion convention committee, acting as their Hotel Liaison for 2005, Executive Secretary for 2006, and Business Director for 2007. For 2008, Findra was again Executive Secretary as well as AAE's representative on the Ursa Major Awards committee.

For 2009 Findra was Vice Chair, but on January 11th 2009 resigned from that position, as well as from the position of AAE's representative on the ALAA committee, citing differences with the Board of AAE on the Board's implementation of policy.

Findra was also a puppeteer, a founding member of PawPets West, and an administrator of the Plushie Mailing List from the late 1990s.


Findra typically took the form of a rabbit, although she was previously known as a dolphin (hence the name).


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