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Cosmik (born August 14)[1] is a furry musician and DJ who lives in Orlando, Florida, USA.[1] His fursona is a binturong.[2]

Cosmik is primarily known as a musician (both within the fandom and outside it.) His "Dead Dog Pub Sing" events, which debuted at Anthrocon 2013 and have become an annual event there. In addition to his work as a solo singer/pianist, Cosmik regularly performs with Rhubarb the Bear. Cosmik and Rhubarb were founding members of Bandthro, the furry "super group" led by Fox Amoore, and have shared the stage with Pepper Coyote, Husky In Denial, Bucktown Tiger, Amadhia Albee, Alexander James Adams, Matthew Ebel and many others. As a DJ, Cosmik has entertained at Anthrocon, Furry Fiesta, ConFuzzled, Megaplex, Just Fur the Weekend, Mephit Fur Meet , Furloween, and Fangcon in addition to his club and radio work.

Cosmik and Rhubarb were named Guests of Honour at Eurofurence 2015.[3]

Cosmik was Programming Lead for Megaplex from 2014 to 2016. He now[when?] serves Just Fur the Weekend on the board of directors, and enjoys volunteering at other conventions.

Cosmik is married to Rhubarb the Bear.


Cosmik has attended:[2]


Cosmik's hobbies include music and movies, drawing, cooking, playing board and card games (Cards Against Humanity, Cribbage, and Scrabble), Chinese food and good single-malt Scotch, fantasy (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time), craft-based reality TV (Project Runway, Top Chef), show tunes, flying, travel, crossword puzzles (particularly the New York Sunday Times puzzles, which he does in ink), baseball, hiking and camping.[2]


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