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Just Fur The Weekend
Just Fur The Weekend logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration March 25-27, 2016
Organizer(s) JFTW UK
Charity Changes each year
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Just Fur The Weekend resources

Just Fur The Weekend (abbreviated JFTW,[1] sometimes Jefty[2]) is a furry convention which is held in Bristol, England, UK. It is organized by JFTW UK, a private company limited by guarantee, no. 09668582 (incorporated 2 July 2015).



The official mascot of Just Fur The Weekend is Favian the Fox. He is featured in a majority of the convention's branding.


JFTW 2016 logo

Just Fur The Weekend was conceived in June 2015 as weekend event that provides a more affordable convention experience, within a weekend time period. Providing board, inclusive food options and core convention facilities at a competitive membership price, It has been deemed a viable convention option for the south of the UK.

Just Fur The Weekend 2016 achieved 152 attendees in its debut year.


JFTW 2017 promotion

Just Fur The Weekend 2017 took place over April 14-16,[3] at the Holiday Inn Bristol-Filton[4] and drew 317 attendees (a 108% increase, breaking the record for second-year growth.) [5]

The theme was "Wonders of the Industrial Revolution".[6]


Just Fur the Weekend 2018 will be return to the Holiday Inn Bristol-Filton over March 30-April 1, 2018. The theme will be "Pier Pressure", a tribute to all things seaside.


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