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Whiskers are long, sensitive hairs that grow on the heads of most mammals. Usually they are most noticeable around the muzzle area, but can also be seen above the eyes as well. They can be used for navigation and judgment of space. The proper term for one of these hairs is a vibrissa (plural vibrissae).

Some furs wear whiskers to more closely identify with their fursonas; StalkingCat went so far as to use whisker-holder transdermal implants.

Did you know?[edit]

  • Cats' whiskers are especially sensitive. They're twice as thick as normal hairs, and their roots are set three times deeper in the tissue. They allow a cat to feel air currents and locate the position of prey inches below their face. They are as long as their bodies are wide, allowing them to judge if they can fit through a space. However, when housecats eat out of a bowl, their whiskers touch the edge. This creates an irritating sensation, and some cats dislike eating food at the bottom of a bowl because of it.
  • In mythology, dragons' whiskers are said to grant great strength

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